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Help! I desperately need to find 1 lb rolls of cotton!

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Help! I desperately need to find 1 lb rolls of cotton!
My company uses about 500- 1 lb rolls of cotton per month, in our manufacturing process. We are using a Non Sterile, bleached cotton, and have been buying it from the same company for many years. The brand we get is Padco. We used to get very tight rolls and they worked well for us. For some reason, now the quality of the rolls is making it very difficult to use. The cotton is too fluffy, the rolls are soft and this is making our product not as perfect as we would like. And labor time is more than doubled with this cotton.
I have tried ordering 1 roll from several different sources, and they are the same as the ones we are getting now from our current supplier. Soft and fluffy ...this may not make sense, we need flat and tight rolls.
Any suggestions would be so appreciated! I feel as though there has to be another cotton supplier somewhere in the US that could give us what we need. I just have not had any luck finding them. Thank you !

Librarian Michael :

Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

Librarian Michael :

Hope that some of the information below can give you a supplier that you can purchase from that would give you the cotton material you are looking for.

Librarian Michael :

I went ahead and researched organizations in the United States that cotton companies belong to. Using these membership lists will give you a good representation of what companies are out there.

Michael, Librarian
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 3225
Experience: 20+ years as information professional
Michael and 24 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello, I'm sorry I didn't answer right away, I was having password XXXXX I would love the information you have found.

This site is quite impressive and you can narrow down the type of cotton you are looking for: I did a quick search under Non Sterile, bleached cotton and came up with many suppliers.

I have gone from Q&A to just answer since I find it easier to write and research and not in a chat page if that is ok.

Please let me know if there is a particular state you want to purchase from since it could save you in shipping costs. I can then see if there is a company that is a manufacturer on cotton in that particular state.

I will be online for most of the night so please get back to me if you need additional research.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am in Illinois, and would be thrilled if you would continue to research this for me. Right now, it comes from North Carolina and I never even thought about the shipping cost. We just pay it...but anywhere closer would be ideal!

I have been putting this off for months, trying to find a new supplier, because I am so busy trying to keep up with orders, and this cotton is causing me to spend many hours trimming the sticks so they are presentable to our customers. (wow, that was a long sentence)

I am headed back to the the factory but will continue to check to see if you have come up with anything. I think I will get a text when you do.

Thanks again!


Let me research tonight and try to get you some suppliers before the evening is over.
Thank you for your question, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to assist you today.

Hi! This company might be helpful to you. Here is the link The description of the cloth is 100% cotton with a tightly woven flat weave. This is in Chicago Illinois. Here is the contact info:

Address: 3719 W. Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
Fax:(NNN) [email protected]

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your reply! I will contact them tomorrow and see if they have what we need. It would be ideal, we are just outside of Chicago.

While not the US, here are companies outside the US:
My name is XXXXX XXXXX general category. I was the one who sent you one from Chicago IL. Please let me know if you found that one helpful by rating me from 3-5 stars or I will continue to help you find one.
This database is used by many libraries and can be a good source for looking at states across the country. I did a quick search for Illinois but you can also pick states in the midwest as well:
Just out of curiosity Jill,

Have you been provided with an answer that you are confidently satisfied with considering what you paid?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think so. Unfortunately I still have not followed up on the leads I received. There are many more cotton suppliers out there than I thought.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can you tell me, did you also provide me with an answer ?

if so, i'm not sure I saw it.

Jill, I will give you a few very specific alternatives that you can take a look at.

Please remember to provide a favorable rating on my level of service before leaving. Thank you!

The first two are from the manufuacture you have been dealing with, but there is an absorbant and non-absorbant variety and I wonder if they have been sending you the wrong one?

US Cotton Non-Absorbent, Non Sterile, 1lb Cotton Roll 1 lb
U.S. Cotton Padco Non-sterile Cotton Roll, 1-Pound

The rest are alternatives that are redily available in purchase of individual quantities if you'd like order one roll of each to compare them. In fact, you can order them on the same order this way. Even though the descriptions look alike, each link below is from a different manufacturer, but on the same site from whic you can purchase.

Non Sterile Cotton Roll - 1 lb
Intrinsics Cotton Roll 1 lb.

Cotton Roll, 1 L b White

Economy Cotton Roll - 1 lb Cotton Roll, 1 L b White

Dynarex Cotton Roll, Non-Sterile, 25 Rolls in a Polybag or 1 LB
Please let me know if you would like more to sample from.



It looks like I missed one of the links at the top of my reply to you. The scond one, which I think is the one you are currently using.
U.S. Cotton Padco Non-sterile Cotton Roll, 1-Pound


Also, I should have added these:

Non-Sterile Cotton Rolls Weight 1 Pound Case of 25
U.S. Cotton Absorbent Cotton Roll, 454g (Pack of 2)
Cotton Sheet 1 lb.


Jill, I spent a good deal of time putting together that information for you and I never heard back from you whether it was helpful or not. In fact, I never received a reply. Can you please review the information and take the appropriate action? Either let me know if you have additional questions, or rate my level of performace below? Without a rating on my answer, I will not be compensated for my time. Thank you!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I apologize. I did take a look, but have not had time to follow up on the information. I will get back to you.

Ok. Great! Let me know if you have any questions.