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I have a 19th century oil painting done by I believe a J.H.

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I have a 19'th century oil painting done by I believe a J.H. McFurlune. (the u's could possibly be "a"s. It is dated I believe 1xyy.
It is a river or bay scene and shows an old 4 masted sail ship.
It has an optical illusion in that the road off to the left follows you where ever you are in the room. To the left the road is very narrow and to the right it funnels out.
It has some cracking but nothing major. Frame is in good shape and original.
It is approximately 30 x 36 inches. I have a photo if you need it.
Hello. It is indeed a "a" and not a u.

I don't have much info on the painter. It see to be Scottish from the theme he use, perhaps from Glasgow. A specialized art gallery in Glasgow may have more info on this artist.

$250 seem in the range of some of his other work: intObjectID=1749104&sid=

This one is not evaluated:

If you want to sell it, i would not go under $400. If you got this as an investment, put it far from humidity and light.
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