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How do I find information about XXXXXXXXXX?

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How do I find information about XXXXXXXXXX?

Hello. The email you probably want info about showed to us [email protected] as it watch caught by the privacy filter. Can you some how write it differently so that it does not trig the filter and also give more detail on the whole matter?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is the e-mail of a lady I met on and chat with her on yashoo messenger as chodges147. I have sent and received e-mails from her over the last month.

It might be really hard to find info on someone like that. Do you have a real name from the email header? I guess you want to get info from the lady without asking her directly or simply verify if she say the truth? You may be able to get info from her with indirect questions.

chodges may be the familly name Hodges with the C being the first letter of her name.

You can look at facebook, linkedin or twitter to see if someone fit what you know of her.

I still don't see the email so i can't extract any clue from it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Also trying to find out information about telephone #XXXXXXXXX which is somehere in Malaysia. Is this an individual's # XXXXX so whos? Or does it belong to a business - name? I understand it is a landline.


Already Tried:
All the areas that I know of

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Clara Hodges age 47. [email protected]

That make her born in 1965. There is a lot of Clara Hodges, i would need a lot more info to be able to reduce the possible choices.

I can't say about the Malaysian number as it is also blocked by the privacy filter. Is it related to Clara?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Clare E. Hodges. Never married with a 10 year old son who lives with an aut in Germany. She says that she owns a house (inherited from her deceased father) in Chester, Maryland.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Born Apr 6, 1965 in Chester, MD. The telephone number is XXXXX one she called me from Malaysia - according to my telephone provider it is a land line - so probably from the hotel where she is staying.

I can't identify her with the data i have. A Malaysia phone call sound suspect to me that said, i suspect a scam is underway. Have a look at this if this sound familiar to you:
The same has happened to me. Malaysia seems to be the new place for these people.

The best way to trick a scam artist is to give him what he want so that he can then feel safe enough to launch the money trap. If money ever get involved, and it make take time, it is a scam.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

A bit more information: US Passport #444859666 issued 17 Jul 08, expiration date 16 Jul 18, date of birth 22 Apr 66 - for Clara E Hodges born in Maryland, USA. I to believe she is working the scam; however, I would like any more information yoy may bae able to providce base on the aformentioned data.

I sadly can't find much from my end. The best is to fill a complain at the police station where they will be able to at least verify if the data was used in other scam (for example if the data is valid but coming from an identity thief or a stolen passport). They will then work with interpol to identify if it is a known scam (usually it is easy to find with the email as they are the quickest thing reported to the alert database as they are used for many scam at a time).

From your side, you can usually discover a scam by requiring the use of a webcam.

In any case, do not provide any sensible information or transfer any money to that person.
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