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i came to know from a friend from india, (i am an indian, but

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i came to know from a friend from india, (i am an indian, but presently residing in Australia), that iridium cast a lot of money and it is available in India. He told me that his uncle has one and he is looking for a buyer. The price which he told me was very high and it will take generation together to earn that money. Is iridium an expensive metal. And i also went through a website and i figured out that there are many people making money out of the businee by telling the buyers that they have a iridium coin. My friends uncle told me that iridium is used in space research and satellites and most of the buyers are from the united states ?? do this business exit of not ?? if there is a buyer let me know, i will pass it on to him ..


Iridium is a precious metal, but is only a percentage of the value of 24K gold. There are a lot of scams about iridium, so being cautious is very important when dealing with people who are trying to say it is very sale able.


This link goes over many of the questions you may have about irridium, how it is used and the value of the coin:


These are two links that list the value of Irridium and the current pricing: and


I hope this information is helpful.



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank u john , i have given u an excellent service rating. i know it is scab business because the figures which they showed me was a big sum , may be u can buy 4 or 5 empire state building with that money. i will avoid these kind or f people and also advice my friends uncle to come out of it. And i want to know, why old indian god statue is been smuggled to the western word ...


I am not sure about the Statue you are speaking about. If you can give me some further information, I will try to assist you with that.



The smuggling of artifacts has been world wide. Unfortunately it is a matter of greed. People are not only smuggling Indian arifacts, but they are also going after Ivory tusks from Elephants, animals that are native to other countries like rare birds and exotics, and other items.


Some people are dishonest and it is all about how to make money. These people have no scruples and are dishonest and seek out ways to make the highest amount of money. Luckily the person who had stolen the statue was caught.

I hope this explanation helps.