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Chris Miller
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Uou pick a number betweem 1 and 100, are told to add and subtract

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Uou pick a number betweem 1 and 100, are told to add and subtract various numbers including whatever your secret number. At end of trick the person will know your magic number. Looking for sequence of questions.
Hello, and thanks for the question.

Here's one that is similar to what you are referring:

1. Ask him to pick a secret number between 1-100.
2. Ask him to ADD 4 to his number, then multiply the total by 4.
3. Then, ask him to SUBTRACT 8 and DIVIDE the remainder by 4.
4. Finally, have him SUBTRACT his original secret number from the number he has calculated.
5. Ask him to concentrate on this final number and visualize it.
6. Announce that the number he is thinking of is the number 2!

Hope this helps!
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