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I just found the first scorpion ever in the home we have lived

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I just found the first scorpion ever in the home we have lived in for 3 years. My husband trapped in under a glass, however, I am concerned it can get out from underneath. I have placed glue traps all around the outside of the glass. Is there something else I should/could do? I can't sleep knowing it is alive in the house.

Hello, Julie and welcome back to Just Answer.

I'm sorry you're experiencing this problem!

You have a couple of choices. You can put something heavy, like a pot or a book on top of the glass (make sure it's not too big and balanced, so it can't fall) to ensure that it can't get out from underneath the glass. If it's on a hard floor, that's good, but if it's on tile, make sure it is not near the edge of a tile or where the grout is, as that will not be a completely flat surface. If it is on carpet, which is softer, putting extra weight on the glass will help more.

Your other choice is for your husband to take a paper plate and carefully slide it under the glass, then carry the scorpion (with the glass still over it, outside, away from the house, and toss it. If you can't sleep knowing it's alive in the house, although trapped under the glass, this second option may be better for you, but it must be done very carefully, so the scorpion cannot get away during the process, before your husband is outside, away from the house and ready to let it go.

I wish you much good luck and hope it is out of your house, asap!

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