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How do you make meatloaf?

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How do you make meatloaf?
I love meatloaf. I will tell you a lot of my recipes are "what i have on hand" so nothing goes to waste, but I always use this.

I have a recipe that includes, veal, pork, and beef - roughly 1:1:1 ratio though from a bodybuilding or muscle building perspective I like a bit more beef. I like using meats as lean as possible though(so pork doesn't always fit) but the flavor on the 3 is amazing. You can safely do JUST beef if you want the leanest meat, or add in just a little pork or veal.

Also some bread chunks(like you were making stuffing for thanksgiving) maybe a cup or so - if you use bread chunks you will want to use 1 egg per lb of meat as the bread will soak some up. You can use bread crumbs in place of this as well, same amount.

I also like to include about 1 whole egg per 3/4 total pound of meat. Some people use a bit more for a "drier" meatloaf.

So to make a huge loaf that can be spread over the week, I take my meat choices, and mix them with my hands in a large bowl, add in 1 egg, mixing that in, add in another egg mix that, then I start to add in spices. I like to use a little dill, salt, pepper, some garlic powder(maybe start with 1/4 teaspoon each) and I will actually put in a tablespoon or 2 or 3 of either ketchup or tomato paste, but you can leave this out. I have also tried things like BBQ sauce, which actually doesn't change the flavor too much adds a bit of the "smoke" flavor and is still just as good. I also add in about a half cup of onion of your choice and a little celery, maybe 1/4 cup. For onion I tend to like red, but "cooking onions" are great.

I "tune" the flavor sometimes by using a tiny bit of sage, thyme. But some people like a "spiced" light flavor, some a "meat only" flavor.

Preheat the oven to 350ish while you are doing this.
Mix everything together in the bowl thoroughly.

Shape to your pan of choice or loaf shape of choice, keeping in mind you want it nice and consistent to cook so an even shaped loaf. Put in the oven for roughly 20-30 minutes until the middle is about 160F.

When you pull it out, let it rest maybe 5 minutes, slice and enjoy.
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I have another recipe from a colleague as well for you Jaime. Same basic stats, minor tweaks.

Once I get back to my own recipe book, I can give you a bodybuilding/muscle building specific variable of it which is more geared toward complex carbohydrate and lean protein changes, very similar in template though. Just let me know ifyou want this one as well.

So my friend's recipe is as follows:
3 pounds on ground chuck , Bread crumbs, ketchup, mustard. light soy sauce, and 3 eggs some garlic salt. Take the hamburger and break you with the eggs and bread crumbs add in 1 1/2 cups of Ketchup, 1/4 cup of mustard, 1/8 cup of soy sauce into the the meat and mix well. form into a loaf in a pan and cook uncovered in the pan at 350*F until cooked all the way through approximately 1hour depending on the way your oven cooks. When done take out and allow to cool then slice to plate.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The information you gave me before seems promising enough. Thank you.

Enjoy Jaime

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