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What can I do to irradicate "devils walking sticks"?

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What can I do to irradicate "devils walking sticks"?
Hello and welcome again.

Aralia Spinosa (the scientific name), can be eradicated with glyphosate:

Devil's walking stick is killed by aerosol applications of
glyphosate at rates of 1.50 to 2.25 pounds per acre (0.56-2.52 kg/ha)
applied three times at 2-week intervals from mid-August to mid-September
[35]. Korostoff [17] reported that Devil's walking stick is controlled
by cutting and application of herbicide to the stump. The most
effective treatment reported by Loftis [20] is injection of stems larger
than 2 inches in diameter with herbicide; basal sprays were ineffective
on his study sites.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Martin, I also posted a question about our 20 year old magnolia tree. It has never bloomed. Any ideas as to why not?

Currently Anna have a lock on the question, let see what she come with.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have a new question. Might be hard since I have no pictures. As I was cleaning my dog's food bowl, I found a strange item. He is a tall dog so we use a two part system. The main part is a plastic raised item. Inside are two stainless bowls, one for water, one for food. Under the food section was some water, no doubt from his sloshing. It also contained some brownish paste. I was able to remove some of the brown stuff that was dry and it looks kind of like small wheat shafts. Then to my horror, when I started washing the stainless bowls, it had small white worm like creatures on it. I am assuming this is what was inside the "wheat" stuff. Any ideas? We use Blue Buffalo dry dog food. This is also my dog that has the skin allergies.

Hi randall. It may be a moth or other insects that are already in the house that used that to lay eggs but i suggest you to open a new question in the Dog or Vet category as i know that parasite in dog food bag can happen and i am not a specialist in that area. You can always keep some of the worm in a glass jar with the same food and humidity to see what they look like when/if they hatch.

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