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I have a grammar question. I have been told that if a sentence

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I have a grammar question. I have been told that if a sentence ends with a word or phrase in quotations, the punctuation should always be placed inside the quotes. Is this true? I can't understand how that works in sentences like this:

Did you not hear me say "I'm going to the store?"

It makes it sound like the quote is a question when it's a declarative statement. Also awkward is when there's punctuation in a title, like:

Have you heard the song called "Everything Matters!"?

Seems very awkward. What are the rules on this?
Hello and welcome.

Here is an exhaustive list of rules on the subject:

I personally don't use those rule as i am too logical :)
I consider what is quoted as a separate entity and i close the sentence as i would do with any normal one without quotation (but that is just me).
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