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I keep getting calls from Sun Gate S Communications or S.M.S.

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I keep getting calls from Sun Gate S Communications or S.M.S. Communications or S.N.S. Communications or something like that and they say they are a telephone fundraising company that specializes in calling for nationally recognized charities, non-profit organizations, and political committees. That's what the recording says when I call (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I am just wondering what this company is all about since they call me but never leave a message. They have called me like 10 times in 15 days.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX you very much for the request.

The system blocks out the number if you type it in a 1 2 3 format. Would you kindly take a moment and spell out the number (one two three) so I can look at the number as well.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

(Five One Three) Two, Zero, One- Three, Two, Three, Eight.

Hi Jaime,

This phone number is XXXXX for Nuvox Communications of Cincinatti Ohio. This company lists as a major telemarketing firm.

Chances are, that the pre-recorded message telling you what they usually do, but there are a lot of communications companies that list with dead ends, that typically call just to get a tally on who is actually answer and at what time of the day. It seems somewhat pointless for them to do this, but they have an automated system and for actual DATA purposes, they are probably calling you to see who answers what phones and when. This information is more than likely sold to actual telemarketing companies or other cold calling companies that don't have the capacity or the resources to do it themselves.

If you want to prevent this pointless garbage from interrupting your day, you can use and register your number. It takes about a month but the companies are forced to comply.

I sometimes get these at home and on my cellular telephone but I noticed that if I don't answer and always ignore it, they tend to get the message within a couple of weeks and they stop calling. I also noticed that if I do actually answer it(and obviously never speak to anyone) that it continues.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I got the same exact recording from 6 different other phone numbers, each from a different city and state. Can you please check out Four Zero Two Seven One Eight Eight Eight Three Six and Six One Nine Two Zero Two Zero Zero Seven Nine? The funny thing about the latter number is XXXXX the recording identifies themselves as a ministry that I used to donate to, but they behave the same way. They never leave a message. They never answer the phone, and the recording is very similar like the recordings from the other numbers. And in the last 3 weeks, I have gotten like 5 phone calls each from about 3 individual numbers while the other numbers called me once or twice each. Thank you.

Hi Jaime!

So I made a bit more progress, though similar results. The(NNN) NNN-NNNNnumber is XXXXX another call center the reports from it seem to be a possible. It lists as an Omaha Nebraska number from a place called Alltell communications. Probably another situation of a call center.

The (NNN) NNN-NNNNis coming from San Diego California area also lists for Boulevard, CA. Again while I can't find a business listing for it - its probably yet another call center.

Many times you will find companies will just sell their customer's information based on a demographic or the type of business. As you can imagine the completion of a sale from these ridiculously annoying calls is extremely low percentage, so as long as you don't answer, they should stop calling. Many times its information to GET more information to try to increase the chances of actually getting a hold of a person.

If it was something worthwhile, they would leave a message, but the automated machines are so stupid that they don't leave messages - which you have to laugh at.

I would think about putting your name on that do not call list.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

But on the number from San Diego, California, the recording says they are The Donor Care Center for Turning Point Ministries, a ministry that I used to donate to. That is what I thought was weird. But again, they behave the same way as the other numbers that identified themselves as a telephone fundraising company for charities and stuff and that seem bogus.

That doesn't mean a company or a scanning type company which this sounds like couldn't just take a message or create one and use it.

I mean think about it, realistically if a company wanted you to actually donate, they would absolutely need to follow up on their leads instead of just randomly calling. These people calling you are doing nothing of the sort short of harassing you.
SpecialistMichael and 21 other General Specialists are ready to help you