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how do i turn my combination dial where do i start please give

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how do i turn my combination dial where do i start please give me step by step instructions because i cannot get my safety box open its a world monetary exchange reserve medium sized. I started on zero is that correct at least. it has a three spin handle that you turn when it opens. i have the numbers they are right. Please help. and reply to jana [email protected] please provide step by step instructions thanks.
Yes you would start at zero then go to the right to the number, stop at that number then stay at that number and turn to the left until you reach the next number, stop at that number then turn to the right and stop at the next number. If this dont work, then you dont have the right combination of turns, the numbers might be one to right 3 times,2 to the left 2 times and 4 to the left one time, for example. We cannot send answers to your email they must be on here, however you can send me a PM personal message on the page where it says pm.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I did as you said. help me get this right its driving me a little battie. do I start on zero without making any turns at all at first as my beginning number or do i shake a little clockwise then turn the other direction a few times then zero. when i go 3xs clockwise for the first number does that mean passing the number 3xs or on the 3rd time go to first number. please let me know if i pass counter 2xs past the second number then go to the second number and then go 4times past the 3rd number and then go to the third numver

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i am very very sorry i caught the pm thing late i don't know where that is it would my first time using it.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I kept trying it but the two ways you presented didn't work and i swear i have the right combo. I've done this before and hadnt i gone so long without using it i wouldn't have forgotten. Please get it right i'll throw in a little extra. thanks
you have to tell me. if you dont want to tell me the numbers tell me if the combo calls for the first number to be 3times or 4 times ,the second number etc etc.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


does it say right left right or left right left and does it say how many times do you go to 91 29 or 2
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

this is the thing i don't have the directions anymore i've had this thing for years and its hard to get an answer from the people i bought it from. I don't know which way to turn for which number and how many times for each anymore i forgot

okay I can take a stab at it . We can try 3 different ways. If it doent work you will have to call the company and ask for tech support. to help you.

It might be 91 3 times to the right 29 2 times to the left 2 1 time to the right.

first go to zero a few times twice or three times and stop at zero. Now spin it 3 times to the 2 times to the right passing 91 on the third spin stop at 91.

now its on 91 spin 2 times to the left to 29 on the second spin stop at 29

Now turn to the right to the number 2 and try opening.

2nd. try. turn to the number zero t2o or three times. Now from the zero turn left three times to 91 on the third time stop at 91. now its on 91. now turn it 2 times to thr right to number 29. on the second turn stop at 29. now its on 29 now go left to the number 2 and try to open.

3rd. try. turn a few times to zero. now turn to the right until you get to 91. then turn to the left until you get to 29 then turn to the number 2 to the right.

4th try. turn a few times to zero. now turn left until you get to 91, then turn right to 29 then turn left and stop at number 2. Let me know if any of these work. if not you will have to call the manufacturer, do you have their number if not tell me the company.

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thank you for the bonus. I gather one of them worked for you. Now make sure you write it down in a safe place.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thanks so much you did it. I gave a excellent rating. i wish i could leave a comment to let people know you helped alot. I needed to get to some things in that safe and shouldn't have gone so long without opening. it would have taken me so long to get help from the company i looked up on the internet and saw the problems had just getting help from them. You saved me a lot of problems. You try to lock other people out then lock yourself out of important things. and its a little embarrasing with my memory. Thanks..if i didn't have my numbers written down on my computer that would have been an issue too. you were great. The best help i've gotten so far here!

thank you glad it worked.