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pdheslin, Consultant
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For Pam Heslin... Hi Pam, weve spoken several times over

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For Pam Heslin...

Hi Pam, we've spoken several times over the last few months. I have had a lot of road blocks and misfortunes in my life over the past 2-1/2 years. Some problems have resolved, but I am still facing some hurdles before I can achieve closure and can move on freely with my life. One of the huge set backs that occured was due to an attorney's error and mishandling of an estate. I have come across a possible way to recitfy that mistake and possibly receive back the money that way unnecessarily paid. However, to ask for reconsideration will cost me some serious money with no guarantee of a favorable outcome. I am trying to make a decision as to how my luck might go with this. Can you provide me any insight?
Hi, I am a Moderator for this topic. I sent your requested Professional a message to follow up with you here, when they are back online. If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.
Again, this is crossing over into what metaphysics calls, "exoteric" which is handled by tax accountants and lawyers. I can't give you any advice or insight into what might happen.

Esoterically, Spirit is concerned about the evolution of your soul or spirit. So Guides ask, "What are your expectations of the outcome?" Do you think a particular outcome will bring joy, relieve stress, insure happiness, alleviate poverty?

Rather, the Guides ask, "How will this outcome affect your relationships with the Divine? How will the outcome improve your relationships with those you love and those who depend on you for emotional support or as a role model?

Saturn that planet that is the great task master, teacher, brings stability through being tough and rigid is in your 12th house of the inner psyche. Jupiter the planet of luck, expansion and protection, is still in your 8th house of joint finances

Girl, this aint about the money. This is about power and control. It doesn't matter whether you walk away from this with more or less money. It matters that you walk away knowing you did the absolute best you could, with what you had to work with. And it means that you have to just pick a direction, and go in it, and accept that the good Lord knows better than you or I what's best for you, even if we can't see it right away.

You have advisors, you have to weigh what they're telling you, and then check how your body feels when considering each option. Your body will tell you by it's sense of peace. You're too much in your head about it.

The prize you are after here, is not walking away with more $$$$$$.

The prize you are after, is feeling that you were in control, not pressured, and no matter what the outcome is, you are able to accept what the Universe meets you halfway with.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Smile Pam,


You have again answered with the depth philosophical grace that you always offer.


Just so I don't come across as money-hungry or greedy, this really isn't about the money. Truly. If I knew it would all be over tomorrow, I honestly wouldn't even pursue this remedy. What I am after is peace. Mere peace and the freedom to move on with my life without constantly having to consider what may be looming around the next corner. It's been a long almost three years. Every decision I make is made by asking, will she refile? will I have to come up with the money for the penalty? will they audit and require yet more taxes? I feel hand cuffed to this horrible situation to the extent I cannot make financial decisions for my family or my business until I know what the botXXXXX XXXXXne is. It's very hard to live that way for three years. The business I am now running is all we have. It's what we live on.


My pursuit of this possible remedy may not only fix what went horribly wrong, but it would stop a potential audit from occurring. I guess that's what scares me the most, and I really, really hate limbo. I can deal with any outcome, just show me the botXXXXX XXXXXne so I can adapt and move on. And that's what eats away at me... the uncertainty of when it will be over and how it will end. Not how much money can I have, you know?


You are right when you say it's about control. You are very right. I want control over my own destiny, not to be a puppet in the hands of some other entity for this amount of time.


So please don't think I'm self centered or materialistic. Yes, I seek security for my family, but I mostly seek my identity without this estate. Unfortunately our livlihood is directly tied to the outcome, which makes it a little complicated.

No, I KNOW you are not about greed or money for the sake of money.

It's what the money represents... the control.

It sounds like you're ready to make a decision:-)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you Pam.

Can you tell me how long Jupiter is in my house of joint finances?

Is there another house of finances?

Would you consider the estate under the house if joint finances because it was my uncle's estate?
Jupiter changes houses on June 25th of 2013.
Other houses of finance include the 2nd, money that you create yourself, as in "profit", and the 11th house is money that you earn, as in "wage".

Yes, it absolutely comes under "joint" money, because you didn't take a $1 and turn it into $2 (2nd house) and you didn't get the money from doing a task and getting compensated from it. The 8th house absolutely rules inheritance.
pdheslin, Consultant
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 2635
Experience: 20+ years of internet site creation and search engine optimization. Dozens of search tools at my disposal.
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