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I set up and own a limited company focused on recruitment.

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I set up and own a limited company focused on recruitment. During this time I signed terms of business with a client and then fulfilled my obligations which should warrant a fee. During this time my previous employer emailed the client claiming I was in breach of my non-compete.

Firstly, it is clear I am not in breach of the non compete so I am dealing with this. The issue I have is that the client is claiming they do not need to pay my company for the work done. Is their stance correct until I sort out the confusion on the non-compete or do they still owe my company the fee for the work done?
No they are not entitled to refuse to pay you for services rendered. If you were in fact in breach of covenant then that is between you and your former employers it has nothing to do with your relationship with your customer unless and until your ex employer obtains an injunction restraining you from working under you new arrangements.

Further if your ex employer wrote falsely to your customer you could threaten to sue them for interfering with your contract
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