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We want to build an 8 foot tall by 4 foot x 4 foot outdoor

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We want to build an 8 foot tall by 4 foot x 4 foot outdoor aviary so our cockatoo and African grey can enjoy the nicerdays under our large pecan and oak trees. "Flutter" just loves sitting and climbing in the tree and he really needs a large play area outside with us in a safe place. But all we read is to not use the galvanized mesh we find. The outdoor aviaries I see on utube are using it but I wont. Whet can we use to ensure their safety and health? A manufactured one is 2500.00!! Any idea where sols buy the proper struggle to construct one? We cant fin anything. Surely we can find the right stuff if u might know. Thanks.
Hello. As cockatoo live for a long time, investing into stainless steel mesh would not be a bad idea as it is the best durable solution and is antibacterial (those bird love to chew and lick).

A second choice would be anodized aluminum mesh.

Because of low cost, galvanized steel is what everybody is stocking. Those will have to be ordered. If you have a metal seller near you (beam, roof etc...) he should be able to get you that.

The larger the hole in the mesh, the cheaper it will be (less metal).
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Hi Sue,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Congo And Fluffer. How is everything going?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the recommendation. I immediately called the company who built journey metal barn on our farm. He can get both types and we ordered the stainless steel for a reasonablex200 extra over the aluminum. We are pouring a foundation with a drain so we can wash thexdebri andxdroppings daily. Looking forward now to making axhealthy aviary for our two companion parrots so they can have a richer life.
Very good! :)