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For Pam Heslin ONLY - Please work out my work horoscope for

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For Pam Heslin ONLY - Please work out my work horoscope for 2013 as discussed. There are two things I want you to know. 1) The company I work in (Dako) was taken over by an American life science/diagnostics company this spring (read it was not a hostile takeover - on the contrary) but this takeover Will have an influece on how we organize ourselves as well as have an impact on our processes. 2) my manager Will be taken out as an acting manager for us and the team I work in Will be made into a self steering team - I am not sure whatelet the English word is for this- I am a little worried about that not because of the trust in our abilities and competentes as skilled and professional employees, but I am worried because of the working relationship with particularly one coworker. She is 20 years younger than I, she is at good at whatelet she does - but also very self sufficient and rigid in her opinions. I.e. discussions with her never ends well. It is like a ticking bomb sometimes. She started as a trainee in our company and her only work experience is from Dako. She was originally hired by our present manager. To prepare us in becoming a self steering group or team we are going to carry out a motivational test and discuss the result in the group - also learn where our different strengths and weaknesses are? This is just informartion for you when you do the chart. Obviously I am interested In knowing what influence all this Will have on me. Looking forward to hearing from you Love Birgit
I'm working on the charts now, for your sun and rising signs, and I'll be back later today or this evening. I took a sneak peak, and it turns out the major emphasis for you is in the career and daily work sector, all very positive with some very positive areas for "work relationships" and money. It's all good! I"ll return later with the details :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Super -this must have bern telepathy i was just thinking about you when I was checking my mails. I will be looking forward to hearing from you ;0) Have a nice Sunday Love Birgit
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Pam Is my chart ready - best wishes Birgit

Birgit, I had the whole thing typed up here, and my internet connection froze! I had to reboot just to get it connected. I am typing it up now, in a separate file. I will return shortly.

Got to love technology!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes, I know Wat thatvis like ;0) talk to you later.
Birgit you have the patience of a saint! My family has heard more swear words in the last few days, over my computer, than they have in many years!

Hopefully this will post and Mercury the planet of technology will smile on me :)

Birgit for your sun in Gemini, 2013’s theme is a career dream about to come true. The major focus of positive change is going is going to be surrounding your career this year for you.

Neptune is the planet of life long dreams and inspiration, and she is visiting your career sector (10th house) and will be there many years to come. Also, Saturn, the planet of structure, commitment and discipline is in your daily routine and work sector (6th house) and this rules people that work with you and for you. In your rising sign, Saturn is in your 10th house of career (which is slightly different than 6th house or work and daily routine.) But it's interesting that Saturn is in both places in your sun, and rising sign! It's like a double-whammy for your career, in a very positive way!

There is going to be a “Perfect trine” a planetary aspect of Saturn and Neptune on June 11, and then again on July 19. Work very hard to manifest what you want in your career and with working relationships of ALL types (work, social, authority, love) because you will have extreme positive support from the heavens.

This includes people that work with you, Kiss and for you -- they will help you reach your career goals. Since Neptune also rules the creativity and spirituality, anything that you do art related for example, art, film, photography, or any thing you do to deepen your spirituality will be encouraged by the planetary energies. You WILL excel.

For your rising sign, Aquarius, Jupiter (expands what it touches) is in your 6th house of work and daily routine beginning June 25, you will become very busy with work assignments and extra projects. This is your time to shine like the star that you are! The 6th house is also about health, so if you are beginning a new exercise routine, or eating habits, this is going to give you that extra push to be successful.

Connected to this energy around your work, spirituality and creativity is a lunar eclipse on April 25 in your same work sector (6th house), and a solar eclipse on Nov 3 in same work sector, and eclipses signal all new beginnings, this time with work and people at work. ;) If throughout the year your creative juices do flow, the time launch is around those dates.

Connected to your career, Jupiter, the planet that brings luck, expansion and protection, moves into your money sector (2nd house) on June 25th and stays there the rest of year. This is the time of your greatest financial gains throughout the second half of 2013. This is the time to market your talents and be seen as a high achiever, worthy of the financial reward you seek. This is the best time to ask for a raise, or a promotion to a higher paying position.

On the home and family front (the 4th house) you’re going into quiet mode here. You’re going within, and you’re supposed to have a lot of time to reflect what's going on inside, rather than the outside world. This is important work that prepares you for the next phase of your life. This goes hand in hand with the May 9th solar eclipse that will fall in your private self-sector (12th house ) and cultivate inner peace, and your soul. This is very personal and the “self” and you will also be looking at turning your structural home into a sanctuary. You might turn an area of your house into a meditation room, art room or create an altar somewhere. It will be something that is deeply personal and meaningful to you, and helps you to connect on this inner journey of personal growth.

For your rising sign, Aquarius, a solar eclipse on May 9th may have you thinking about a physical move. This is good time to push into motion any changes you have about your home. You may also receive news about new additions to the extended family or other happy news surrounding your home and family.

So those are the energies that you're going to be showered with in 2013. Now that we know that as a basis, let's answer your questions.

Yes, I've "been there done that" with "Self directed work teams." Or, "team based" culture. I went through the same thing with a Health Care company here in the states. They basically flatten out the organization chart, with no "manager" titles and you are supposed get the work done as a team with no one person "in charge". The word TEAM becomes the major emphasis.

You will go through many phases - "Storming" ( a bit of fighting to get your own way) "Norming" (figuring out how to communicate effectively, get along in this new culture) and "Performing" where you actually are getting things done. I won't lie, it's a painful process, but when it works well, it really works well. And there is always a "boss", even if they don't refer to it in title, and if the bosses don't act as a team, and display the behaviors they want the employees to -- it won't work. If you ever want to talk more about "team based environment" let me know. I have a whole history with it!

But on to answering your questions in light of the astrology given. You're going to shine, at work, period. This new culture is going to allow you to break the barriers of stereo types and be seen for the imaginative, creative, problem-solver that you are. At the same time however, you'll be going on a very personal journey of inner growth and discovery. You're going to turn your home into your private sanctuary. The work situation is going to provide you a platform for personal growth, and a new confidence. The planetary energies shining on work relationships, means your female co worker is not going to change, but you are not going to be overwhelmed by her, and she'll see you in a new, warmer light.

In my professional opinion, 2013 is going to be a great year for you, and a year from now you're going to have a lot to be grateful for!

Now...questions? :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Pam - thank you for all thisWink. Indeed it sounds very exciting and promising - I would love a dream career to come true. It is funny that you mention creativity which is something I really like - I wonder where this may take me? I have no clue what so ever what is in store for me. I am going to have my performance management talk soon about my goal setting for 2013 - and I am really wondering if my manager may have something for me (?). I have of course an influence on this my self, but with the company that has taken us over anything can happen. It seems as if things will not really get moving until the spring of 2013? I am also curious to see if I will really be rewarded for my efforts - with performance we are usually rewarded/promoted according to clear and specific guidelines, not necessarily something we ask for ourselves - we are picked (at this point I should be suprised if I was to be promoted - but let us see what happens?)


I am very interested in knowing more about self directed work teams. Would you like to to post a seperate question on that?


I am also very excited about the whole spirituality thing - which is new to me and which I am drawn to and would like to learn more about - I have studied some of the books on your web page and I think a couple of them sounds really interesting - might buy one ;0) Do you have any other ideas for me to learn more about this at a beginner level? This spiritual world gives me something - it gives me something to believe in, trust but also I find peace within. I feel I need to connect to this world as part of my personal development - but I am grasping and leaning on someone like you - to receive messages for instance.

What does the following mean:

"For your rising sign, Aquarius, a solar eclipse on May 9th may have you thinking about a physical move. This is good time to push into motion any changes you have about your home. You may also receive news about new additions to the extended family or other happy news surrounding your home and family"

And finally I know this is a work horoscope - and please do not explode Laughing But does the planet say anything about how I will manage in my private life. Will my friends be there for me? Will my (small family) be around? And what about love?


I can see that there are lot of things to look forward to in 2013 - it is definitely going to be an interesting journeyWink Best wishes Birgit

Spiritual journey: So many good thinkers out there, but I really love Carolyn Myss. Start with "Anatomy of the Spirit" (I'd listen to the audio - the book can be daunting) so you know how your body can teach you about the Spiritual journey, and how it relates to other systems you may be familiar with already, such as Christian sacrements, or Judaic tree of life and chakras . Start there and follow with her audio book, "Dark Night of the Soul: the necessity of meeting God in the darkness." It will help you set your expectations of what the journey will "do" for you.

Work: Even though you describe a situation where you don't normally "ask" for a promotion, people aren't just "gifted" with a promotion randomly. They "ask" through their outward performance, attitude and even -- right or wrong -- the ability to wear a smile every day. You will "ask" for your promotion through your positive participation in meetings, your productivity, your willingness to help, educate and mentor other workers and your smile :)

"For your rising sign, Aquarius, a solar eclipse on May 9th ....this simply means you might be considering a physical move of house, or switching things around your house in a big way. You could hear that a family member is expecting a baby, an engagement, a positive life move.

As for romantic, the planetary aspects of partnerships that I mentioned apply to N too. Don't hyperfocus on that, because you have inner work to do before this becomes productive.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for elaborating on all my questions - it is going to be an interesting hear work wise and I am really looking forward to this. I will indulge myself in it with enthusiasm and I know I am a trusted employee, so yes I work hard and also be wearing a smile ;0)
I know I have a lot of work to dó with my "self" and to evolve both as a person but also as a woman. N will still be there, and I will try really hard to be professional and not hyperfocus on him. - I Think we both need space, but Pam he is special to me, sorry can't help it. I hope one day that our paths will meet by the help of the planets, spiritual guides, God one day when we Will both be ready for that - meanwhile I will be focusing on me. Can you or anybody out there tell me that N is a real waste of time or could this thing really be worth waiting for (or are my feelings just stronger for him than his feelings for me)?
After receiving your reply I Will rate and pay you. Oh before I forget - you told mé that you could tell mé more about self directed work teams. Should I post this as a seperate question? Love Birgit

No my dear Birgit, there is no power out there that will prevent you from your karmic lessons, be they easy or difficult. We have to live our lives. If I had those kinds of answers, there would never be a marriages that ended in divorce, or any relationship that ever broke up.


No one has that kind of vision and if they tell you they do, run for the hills from them.


As much as we all want solid answers and astrology and psychic messages are to guide us, the good Lord wants us to experience the full range of life.

It's not whether or not he'd be a waste of time or not that would lead to happiness or sadness. It's how you'd respond to it that would leave you happy or sad. Either way you will move on boldly, much improved, a newer, stronger woman.


Here's some links about Self Directed Work Teams:


If you have specific questions about SDWT, I will try my best to answer, but it would be best to make that a separate question, so we don't get our topics and Q and A confused :)


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes you are right I will move on, improve, be stronger, enjoy my life. And I dó know that I am the only one who can live my life - I also know I have a lot of catchiing up to do. I know that astrology cannot deliver the answers. I also know that a man is not the answer to one's happiness - I know that now. I know that I have a lot of soul searching and grieving to do before I involve myself with another man. And I will do that because I have a wish to dó the right thing. You cannot provide me with an answer on N and it is unfair of me to pressure you to do that. However, he was a really good friend and unfortunately I lost him which I am really sad about. I was glad to know that you told me that there is great compatability between N and I and that the tarot cards also spoke of this. As well as what I felt and experienced once was very real - that really pleases me - and pls dó not misunderstand this. Where it goes from here nobody knows. With that Said I have no intentions on going back to being Sherlock Holmes or being hyperfocused on him. I realize it will not dó me any good now. But I tell you this 'it hurts' right that is mé being honest.

You definitely taught me a few lessons and I am glad that you did. I needed this even though I know I must have tired you down sometimes ;0)

I should like to receive your at comments to this plus I would also like to know if you can help mé with this team work - do you have time for this and whatvis your price? Love Birgit

I'm sorry you're hurting, and if I were there, I'd give you a tight warm hug...and I'd make you some good gooey chocolate cake and a strong cup of coffee. Nothing better than that, eh?

I understand that you shared some deeply personal moments with him, talking with him about things that were deeply important to both of you. Yes friends do that. But nothing is stopping you from being friends at that level, should you really and truly need that. You could always say, "I really need a friend right now, do you have some time?" and I suspect like he said, his door would always be open to you. I sense that you want more than friendship however, and that will take time to build within, and without.

I can help you with the teamwork by pointing you to some very good books about it, so that you're prepared. :) Again, that's another thread :)

If this has been helpful, please do print out the horoscope for 2013, as you will refer to it going foward, and please consider rating me positively -- your feedback is important to me!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank so much I accept the hug, the chocolat cake and the coffee since I have been crying all day... ;0) I am grieving.
I Will work on a friendship with N and seek him but onlybwhen the time is rightand when it feels right. Yes you are right I would like more than a friendship, I cannot lie about that, but the time is not right neither for me nor for him - it may happen or it may never happen. Only time will show. Along the way I hope I can remain calm and stop if my heart tells me it is not right or going to be.
I do not Think you realize how much I have appreciated your help and it so difficult for mé to say goodbye to you and let you go. For a very long time and perhabs too long I have relied on the help from an astrologer / physhic reader - it became a means of consolation for me and a fine one. Except I realize now that my first astrologer told mé things that either was not truebor should not have been communicated at All - again lessons learned.

You put things into perspective for me and conveyed beautiful and important messages from the spiritual world. Eye-openers. Inside I have a true feeling now of whatvis right and what is wrong for me in this particular phase of my life - Thx to you Pam so you definitely deserve a fine rating;0).

I Will never forget you (but I guess I Will be back at some point).
I Will post the team work thing in another post another day. Lots of love and Best wishes Birgit