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Are rents in San Francisco likely to go up even higher in the

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Are rents in San Francisco likely to go up even higher in the coming year? They seem crazy high right now compared to last year...if I want to move though, would this be a good time to find something before it goes up even more or should I try to wait for them to come down?
KGO reports that One room, plus a closet, a bathroom and a kitchen is $1,595 a month. San Francisco's rents skyward at more than twice the national average -- a 10 percent gain last year, then a 12 percent gain this year.
The Wall Street Journal reports the average monthly rent hit $1,888, up 5.9% from a year earlier.
The Wall Street Journal says it is the tech boom that has hit the city for the cause of the raise in rents. They say the SF area has gone up 5.9 percent in Q1.
ReisReports says that more jobs and people wanting to live in the city has more applicants than apartments. So it looks like a market for the landlords for the time being.
Something also to consider that if you wish to stay in the Bay Area, San Jose is reported to have rents at 20% less. Still though one of the most expensive places to live in the US (Bay Area overall).
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