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What is the cost for a medium price sofa in California?

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What is the cost for a medium price sofa in California?

My name isXXXXX am happy to assist you today.

What county and area are you shopping in?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sacramento, Califrnia. Sofa was made in China. I picked out a frame from their ctalogue and the fabric. My ex- wife is fuirious at me because I haD THE FOAM IN THE CUShionsREPLAed (five cushions) and six backs, had it steamk cleaned and scotcgurd All for $3,000. The cushions which were restuffed with a new and better foam that came out after I bouigbht this sofa.. She says that is enough to buy another sofa, and if was going to spend that amountof money I should hAve trashed this one aND BOUGHT AN EVEN BETTER one forTHE PRICE OFCLEANING THIS ONE. I thbnk that the price of a sofa like this would be more than $3,ooo

Sorry to hear about the situation here Robert - I can almost feel the frustration from it myself.

Well ok there are a few things to consider - one of those things is the heavy markup a lot of stores have on their furniture. You also have to consider the style and manufacturing process on each. Obviously outsourced products will be less expensive relative to the rest.

Depending on the style, size of the sofa, as well as the material you could in theory expect to pay anywhere from 1000 to 6 thousand dollars. There are even some deco style couches that cost TEN THOUSAND to 14 THOUSAND dollars. Obviously these are extreme examples.

Keep in mind there are stores that sell "volume" style furniture, and they are fine for what they are. These tend to cost anywhere from 800 to 2500 dollars, and many people don't even care for them because of the quality they lack. They are great for a majority of people, but to some people home comfort and style is paramount over price. I would say you are probably on the right track if I am picturing the couch she wanted you to buy, there is a great chance it would cost more than 3000 dollars. There are tons of sofas that cost 2000 to 7000 dollars. Heck, consider that quality, comfort and style is all subjective I would say that you are are correct in your choice, especially if you love the piece and the add-ons you did. Foam and cushioning can make a HUGE difference in comfort, especially if the sofa never came like that.

Just look at it as a car - when the new 458 italia came out from Ferrari, does it mean its light years better than the F430 which is agreed upon by many as an AMAZING car? No it doesn't, its just another different way to spend even more money for another great car. Are there many F430s out there that might blow the doors off the 458? Yes.

Same idea.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. XXXXX

You are very welcome.

Add this link to your favorites for the next time you have any questions at all.

Its been a pleasure helping tonight.
SpecialistMichael and 33 other General Specialists are ready to help you