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This is a question about lath and plaster. What is the best

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This is a question about lath and plaster. What is the best and easiest had tool to use to cut lath?

Hi Doug, Mike again

I hope all is well with you and your friend's son with regards XXXXX XXXXX down the start of college/university.

I can tell you that you were on the right track, metal cutting scissors and standard sheet sheers are going to be your best bet here if you insist on cutting by hand - sweat equity will be earned here for sure though as with any tedious hand tool use.

A regular circular saw with a metal cutting blade will make super easy work of it though - but obviously i think your case will depend on the amount you have to cut.


Cutting wood lath can be done simply with a hand saw or drywall saw, using something like a sawzall might really jar the lath and potentially damage it.

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