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i have student loans that total approximately 40,000. i have

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i have student loans that total approximately 40,000. i have been living with bipolar disorder for at least 12 years and have been unable to finish school because of this illness and unable to sustain employment for any reasonable length of time. is there any way that my student loans can be discharged or forgiven due to a medical illness?

Hello, Cameron and welcome back to Just Answer.

It may be possible, depending on your lenders, for your student loans to be discharged or forgiven, if you contact the lenders, tell them that you are unable to pay the loans due to being unemployed because of a disability (illness), and if you have been diagnosed by your doctor with a permanent disability not allowing you to work for any reasonable length of time, you may qualify to have your loan discharged if your doctor will write a letter affirming this.

For the moment, you may ask your lenders that your loan be put into forbearance or deferment until you can get this figured out and submit for permanent disability. This may help you not being hassled for payments, but interest may still accrue. However, that shouldn't matter if your loan ends up being discharged.

I wish you much good luck!

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