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According to Viking mythology, there is a magic ship called

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According to Viking mythology, there is a magic ship called the Skidbladnir, which can travel in the sky and on land as well as on water. It can even travel under water and under ground, and has the ability to shrink small enough to fit in a person's pocket and grow to increase its capicity of passengers, crew members and cargo. I know that there is no way to create a vehicle that could increase or decrease its size. But is it posible for the existance of one that could travel on water, under water, on land, under ground, and in the sky?

Let start by the hard part. The only current underground traveling vehicle are TBM:
Those advance only a few feet/hour but can indeed be seen as a "vehicle".

They are terribly heavy but sure could be made to float or turned into a submarine.

The hard part is to make it fly, that would require quite a powerful jet engine and expending wings. It may also need to change it's size and inflate into a full blown Skyhook:

Other than this the hard part stay the underground part. Going a bit more theoretical it would require to be able to bind space time to do it more elegantly or access some kind of parallel dimension/universe, not something currently possible. Closest is the quantum tunel:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is there any way to create a vehicle that can at least travel on land, on water, and in the sky?

Yes, that is relatively simpler (even if DARPA want a good one badly):

An hovercraft can do land and sea and can be tacked with wings or be turned into an helicopter.

You can turn lot of non hydrodynamic shape into one by using hydrofoil:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Where can one buy a hovercraft?

Sure, they come in many size, from the one you can use as entertainment for personal use to large one that can act as ferry:

Other things include different range of amphibious device. I got lot of fun in the past riding an Argo:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I understand that a person can buy a hovercraft, but I want to where a person can buy one.

As those unit are rather rare (they are not car or motorcycle), you usually contact a manufacturer directly like this random one as an example:

They will arrange the sell directly or will give you contact information to the nearest authorized distributor near you. That place might not have one in stock and may only do demo one time a year.

From Neoteric Hovercraft:
"Do you need a license to pilot a hovercraft?
No,hovercraft come under U.S. Coast Guard jurisdiction. When you buy a hovercraft, you will be assigned a Coast Guard hull identification number (HIN). These numbers are free and, if you decide to purchase a partially assembled Hovertrek™, your number will be provided by Neoteric. Using this number, you then register your vehicle as a boat. Some states may require an ATV license as well. Overseas customers should consult your local hoverclub or marine authority.
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