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If you leave a country to live in another one and do ot pay

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If you leave a country to live in another one and do ot pay your bills can you be held responsible in any way if you go back to that country for a holiday. I am referring to hire purchase bills.
Thanks for your question. It really depends upon what country you are talking about. In most Western Countries debts are a civil not a criminal matter so the immigration and police authorities would neither know nor be interested in whether you had been subject of a court judgement fro a debt.

However you should appreciate that the fact that you no longer live in a country does not prevent a creditor from pursuing you for the debt if they know where you are. Most countries will enforce judgments of another countries court or allow you to be sued in the the jurisdiction of your residence fro money due.

The position might be different in countries where debt is a criminal matter.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thankyou for your reply. New Zealand was the country i was referring to.

So if they don;t no where you are they cant pursue the debt?


Would going back for holiday cause any issues with the debt?

No if the creditor cannot trace you they cannot sue you. Or at least they can using your last known address but it is difficult to enforce a judgement if you cannot track down the debtor or his or her assets. I do not see why the New Zealand authorities would be interested in a civil debt issue so taking a holiday would not affect things one way or the other. No doubt the creditor will use whatever means is available ot trace you but the likely hood is that they have written it off if you have moved away .
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