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I plan to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse on the west side of

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I plan to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse on the west side of WA State during the
Fall and winter. I have 3 questions.

1. What is the lowest temperature I should maintain in the greenhouse?

2. What is the best artificial light available for greenhouse tomatoes?

3. Which is the best greenhouse tomatoe for the Northwest?

Thank you,

Hi Chris,

My name isXXXXX am a farm born and raised expert here on JustAnswer and as luck would have it my very first work experience outside of farming and agriculture was actually in a production greenhouse.

Generally speaking tomatos like being below 90 to 95 degrees but kept above 60 degrees, so I would say 62ish for your low point. Below that and you run the risk of slowing pollination and development of the fruit itself.

The best greenhouse growers use high pressure sodium lighting, similar to what you see in parking lot or street lamps. These will contribute to your heat production depending on your heating mat set up so keep this in mind.

As far as seed selection, Celebrity, better boy and mountain fresh tomatos tend to yield quite a bit of fruit. And these are some of the tomatos a lot of people like to eat, enjoy and are otherwise available at some supermarkets. I would say the choice is yours, but it would be worthwhile to explore your local growers to see what they are planting.
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