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I am not able to chat, can I please just

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I am not able to chat, can I please just ask the question and get one answer? Thanks!
I know 2 people that do this constantly... this is a real problem for me and I need a real thought out solution please. These people literally repeat what I've said in any given conversation at a later time. Not as if they are mocking me... they repeat something I have said as if I never said it and as if it was their idea or they're train of thought. They will even say it to other people as if it was them who said it, and not me. Literally, what can I say in the moment to the person who says this.
Wow... that sounds exactly like what I just told you last week.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
My name isXXXXX am really sorry to hear about your situation. I can imagine this being incredibly annoying and have actually dealt with it myself.

There are a couple things to consider here. First thing is they may not even be aware they are doing it. It might be the type of situation where they don't even realize they are doing it. For example I have tons of friends that repeat their same stories to me, even things they have heard on TV shows. They aren't aware they are telling the same information repeatedly eventhough I tend to let them know by saying "Ah yes, you told me about this" ..yet they continue on. So with that, it might be a case of them simply wanting to be heard and being "first in" when talking with a new crowd. If they are taking what you said it might almost be a form of flattery.

A colleague brought to my attention a really easy way to let them know you said it first without being rude.

You can put it very bluntly, each and every time tell say to the offender "I had mentioned that to (another friend's name) last week, did you happen to speak with them?" This way, without being rude, you can passive inform them that you are aware and that you are noting them copying what you are saying. You can take it to an additional level, if you feel its appropriate by using their name in that place. So if the person's name is XXXXX XXXXX can let Betty know that you mentioned that to Betty last week. You don't have to be rude or impolite about you, and if needed you can make it somewhat humorous.

Chances are they are really impressed with the things you are saying, chances are what you say and how you say it possesses a certain charisma they are after. That is more than likely why they are copying what you say and how you say it.
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