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320 sq. ft. mobile home.Opossoms and racoons have made nests

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320 sq. ft. mobile home.Opossoms and racoons have made nests in the insolation under the house for many years. They pulled the A/C ducting loose from the floor intake so the A/C is now pulling intake air from under the house not inside. There maybe dead animals in the walls,I don't know.It is so smelly it would make you gag.If I can't find the dead animals,how can I get rid of the smell completely.I see different products for sale on line but who knows what really works.This is a rental and my tenant won't move back in until the smell is completely gone.


There are a few products I can recommend that work on odor, but ideally locationg and disposing of the dead animals will need to be done if possible.

The products that we use are Enzymatic Cleaners that break down odors:


Nature's Miracle:




MisterMax Anti Icky Poo Starter Kit


You can also use powdered lime which can also help. This is some information on how to use Powdered Lime for odor control:



I hope this helps with the problem and gets the pace back in shape for your tenents.


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