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Michael, Librarian
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How do I get rid of varmints (probably red squirrels) living

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How do I get rid of varmints (probably red squirrels) living in the insulation between the roof and the vaulted ceiling?

Librarian Michael :

Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.


Experts from the State of Conn. Environment Department have some good ideas on how to protect your home from these not invited guests:


Let me know if this is helpful with your request by rating my answer. If you need additional info, please contact me and I will continue to search for an answer.


Best of luck in getting rid of your visitors!

Librarian Michael :

Another good source that talks about roof and ceiling:


Seems like the most effective way is to trap the critters but the problem with that is that there are other critters, too; how would I know I trapped the "residents" and not some other animal (I live where forest surrounds the house). I don't see that wire mesh would help if there are babies inside: they'd destroy more to get to their offspring. Your second reference is more specific and will help more in what I have to do. Thanks for your persistence.

Librarian Michael :

It does look like my second link is what you need in order to stop the visitors. Good luck with this and please rate my answer so that I receive credit for your question.


Thanks. Bye.

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