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how can you say when somebody likes you or no if you only saw

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how can you say when somebody likes you or no if you only saw each other 3 times and you couldnt really express much feeling due to circumstances ?

My name is XXXXX XXXXX you for your question.

This generally is a pretty simple answer - in most cases, your "gut" will tell you about this person, if you feel like they were happy to be around you(as you were with them) or each time you were with this person there was a mutual enjoyment, its fair to say they like you and/or are interested in you. Read on for more information.

Body language is the strongest indicator of interest when a pair of people are unable to express anything verbally, in your case due to circumstance. Its reasonable to assume a person likes another or at least has interest in them when during a conversation, the person is making eye contact and looking toward them. A lack of interest would be shown by eyes trailing away, lack of attention and a general disinterest.

Other things to look for to confirm a person likes another is engagement in the conversation, not just a passive role. Sharing conversation, not just a one sided conversation is confirmation a pair of people have something in common and are otherwise interested in each other.

Turning the body toward the other person, as opposed to arms crossed body facing away or looking away, is a good sign a person is interested. The universal sign of interest and "neutrality" is an open torso without arms blocking.

Smiling, laughter and again sharing enjoyable situations or conversations are a sure sign a person is having a good time with another person and would want to be around you. I have never heard of or been in a situation of interest where a person was smiling genuinely or laughing at a humorous situation and there was not a good outcome from it.


A simple gentle touch of a hand on and arm, or around a waste, a hug anything of physical contact is also an indication that a person is comfortable and likes being around you. Many times a girl placing her hand on a mans arm during conversation or a man's hand to carefully guide her through a doorway is a sign a person likes you.

This doesn't always mean a person is not interested in you or doesn't you if one of these general indicators weren't present. Not everyone is open and expressful with regards XXXXX XXXXX feelings toward a person and some people are just plain shy.

Communication is another good sign. If a person is communicating well, shows happiness when you are around, wants to be around you or tells you something along the lines of "missing you" or being happy to see you, you can count on them being interested in you and enjoying your company.

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