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I have been corresponding with a lady , the name she has given

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I have been corresponding with a lady , the name she has given me is Nicole FURIO!!! supposed to be from New York, and serving in the United Nations peace keeping force in Afghanstain do you have anything about this lady????. she has requested money to release personal belongings from the UN in New Dehli, India. I think it is a scam!!!, I have already sent AUD$850.00. thank you Keith Hain.


What you are describing is a internet scam. Please do not send any money. This is a common scam where they say they need the money to get personal items sent back to the States. If there is any way to stop the money from going through please do so. They ask the the money be sent via Western Union so they can reover their possessions. This is considered a Nigerian Internet scam.

This is a link where you can report the Cyber crime:

Since you are in Australia, this is a link where to report the crim to the Australian Govt. :

This is another link for reporting:


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This is from the Army CID about some of the scams that they are encountering that falls into what is happening with you:


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