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I have been overpriced from a moving company from Ontario,

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I have been overpriced from a moving company from Ontario, Canada. They are
charging me more than the agreement. They didn't ever sent me the scale result fromthe truck. Which authority can I report them. How can I find my right?


Hello. I can assist you with your question.


There is certainly a significant lack of oversight for an industry that, at any given time, has exclusive posession of a person's entire life of belongings.



Fortunately, there is a reputable company that offers a free service to intervene on your behalf (I'm assuming with the hope that you will use them in the future)



I know you are in Canada, and I am in the US. But I don't think this service is limited to the US.





Do you have your belongings, or are they holding them hostage?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My belongings are hold hostage

OMG... that's really terrible. This is something that is known to happen with dishonest companies occaisionally. It's good you are standing up to it. It is a crime.

There is a government agency in CA to whom you can report this.

Office of Consumer Affairs

This is basically extortion - one of the most personally violating situations you can be put it. Disgusting.

If you need info in addition to that, please let me know.

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