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It has always been my dream to be a race car driver in NASCAR.

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It has always been my dream to be a race car driver in NASCAR. I will, however, settle for driving one of the haulers as I have a class A CDL with 4 years OTR experience. Is it possible to become a race car driver being broke, or should I just go for driving one of the big trucks?


If you want to get your foot in the door as a Hauler, you need to get to North Carolina where many of the big racers reside.


Being a Nascar Hauler driver takes more than having a CDL. As a Hauler you have other jobs within the team.


It would be best for you to try and get a job with a Nascar team even if it is a runner picking up food, changing tires or other meanial jobs. Showing that you are part of the team will help bring you into the Nascar family. Making yourself available is very important. If they ask you to pick up lunch or sweep the floor, showing your willingness to do anything will help. Once your foot is in the door you can let them know your ability to Drive haulers.


These two links go over suggestions as to how to avail yourself to become part of a Nascar Team and Nascar Family:


Most of the Drivers you see today started in go carts when they were young and moved up into sprint cars and gained their education and initiation into Nascar at a young age. Getting a sponsor, car and crew is another hurddle your would have to complete.


Your best chance is to get to the track and see if you can get with a team and work your way up to running a Hauler.



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