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change my last name

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 i want to choose a meaningful & suitable last name for my self(knowing that I'm a new citizen in United States trying to start a new life), what will it be ? or how to determine the right name?

Hi, I'm a Moderator for this topic. I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you right away, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Josie,

I appreciate your hard work, it means a lot to me. since I am new in the country, I have many plans to adjust myself with the new and lovely community of United States. And name (especially last name) is very important to represent me and my future family. Join the military is one of my goals, that's why I posted this question as priority so I can fill a surname petition and push it to the process as soon as I can and hopefully it won't take that long. I know I wrote a lot, but I hope that those rows will help clearing the view for any expert willing to answer my question. YES I WILL CONTINUE WAITING........thanks again

Thank you for your continued patience. We will continue the search for a Professional for you.

Hello, Thank you for using this service. I wish to introduce myself. I am a Research Librarian with 20+ years of experience.

Something to start with could be looking at sites that have information on what first names mean for a new born baby. Below is a link to various sites that explain the meaning for a particular name:

Also another idea would be to check at your local public library for books on baby names as well as this could start in finding that right name for you. Also if your local community has an organization that has a popular genealogy group that they can lend a hand in names and their meanings.

Good luck with your research and please rate my answer so that I can understand if I gave a good response to your interesting request!
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Hello, and welcome back to Just Answer.

Congratulations on becoming a new citizen of the United States! What a proud accomplishment! Laughing

I have some great suggestions for a new last name which will be meaningful and suitable for you. If you're starting a new life in a new country and you plan on joining the military, some last names to consider are: Goodman (you're a good man), Good or Goode, Strong (you're a strong person); many American and British last names started out related to the person's profession. You can read more about this and see 100 most common English surnames and their meanings, here:

From that list, some of my favorites would be: Chapman, Adams, Allen, Davis, Young, Knight, Miller and Roberts.

Others you might consider are: Lincoln, Clinton, Wright, Clarke or Clark, Hall, King, Carter, Parker, Sloan, Graham.

Here is a list of many popular American last names (many are repeated on the English/British list, too):

In my opinion, your choice should be a name that's not too long, goes well with your first name, and is meaningful to you. If you're joining the military, picture a drill sergeant or any officer shouting out your last name and see what you like best.

I hope I have been helpful and you are satisfied with my answer. If so, please choose a positive rating like this one "Laughing" for Excellent Service, as this is the only way I am credited by the site for my assistance. Thank you!

If you have any additional questions please click "Reply" and I will be glad to help you further.

Best regards,
Cher, Educator-40+ yrs
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 21422
Experience: M.A., B.A., Author, Information & Research Specialist
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