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I have been highlighting my for two decades but quit over a

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I have been highlighting my for two decades but quit over a year ago because I thought I was having allergic reaction. I would have red on my arms but decided to get someone else to do it that maybe I was just getting it on me. But this time I had to use honey highlights instead of platinum because my hair was dark. Did the strand test. Put long sleeves on and a cape and seems like no break outs this time like I had always done red blotchy on arms when I would frost it myself but didn't do it this time. Anyways strand test did ok and left on maximum time ect but for the first time in 20 years it turned ORANGE! I'm housebound so I can't get to a salon, I used revlon frost n glow honey highlights but I do have a thing of born blonde for dark hair clairol under the sink. How long do I have to wait to highlight over it or use the borne blonde over it? I'm so embarrassed also what do you think about the blotchyness is that normal ect....

Hello, JC and welcome back to Just Answer.

It's possible that the highlights turned orange this time, because your hair is dark and even though you have not frosted it in over a year, if you had used any type of dye on it, the frost and glow had trouble eating through layers of dye. It is not recommended to apply another chemical process to your hair for at least 2-7 days after the frosting you just did.

If you are housebound, you might ask if a professional colorist from a nearby, trusted salon will come to your home to assess the situation and help you use the best product to cover the orangey color and get the look you intended.

The blotchiness would have to be addressed by a dermatologist, if you feel you may have experienced an allergic reaction, but if you did get any of the bleach on your skin in the past, accidentally, this is not an uncommon reaction. Wearing long sleeves this time, was very wise, and you said you had no skin reaction on your arms, so that problem seems to be resolved.

I wish you much good luck with your hair and hope it comes out to your liking, the next time you highlight/frost it.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please click 'Reply to Expert' before rating, direct your reply to me, "Cher", and I will be glad to continue our conversation.

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Best regards,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can I reapply the frost and glow as it is orange.
Hello again, JC and thanks for your reply.

Since the frost and glow came out orange, I would not suggest using it again. I've read some not so good reviews about the clairol born blonde, as it too, can turn your hair orange if your hair is dark. I wouldn't recommend using that on your now orange streaks. You will need a 'toner' (available at beauty supply stores and salons--try 20 Developer and Wella T18 White Lady toner) to prevent the orange outcome. Also, I would wait at least a week before reapplying any other product. For now, it might be a good idea to dye your hair all over, with your natural color to get rid of the orange streaks, then wait about a month and try to frost it again, but use the appropriate number toner to avoid an orange outcome.

I wish you much good luck and hope your hair comes out the way you want it!

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It's 20 volume but is revlon frost n glow been using it 15 years with no orange but had someone else apply it and it didnt process they didnt use overcap plus the frost dried as soon as it was put on so its not processed in my opinion....

Hi again, JC.

I understand what you're saying. Many people who have used this product on darker hair have had the orangey results. If you've been using it for 15 years on your dark hair and this is the first time it ever turned orange, it's probably because of the circumstances you described. You need to use the cap and follow directions carefully. The frost is not supposed to dry as soon as it is put on, so perhaps it was layered on too thick and also, maybe it was left on too long.

If you can get someone else to help you do it, make sure all the instructions are followed, use the overcap, the proper sized needles for pulling the hair through the holes, leave it on for the prescribed time and hopefully, you can repair it.

Another suggestion is, because your hair is dark, the 'honey' color made it more orangey, but if you use the blonder color (platinum? or the lighter one right above the honey) it should come out with the blonde color that you want.

Just a note: although it didn't 'process' properly, a 'process' on hair is a chemical process that changes and/or removes color and the frosting material contains bleach, so since it did 'affect' your hair by turning it orange in the places it was used, it's considered 'chemically processed'.

Best of luck! Please keep me posted. Thanks!

Best regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks I tried it and the top of my hair turned platinum blonde however the ends are bright orange and a few spots are bright orange oddly not where it was dark, this has got me puzzled, I was terrified to do it again but it looks slightly better if it wasn't for the brigh orange spots. I think some color streaks will fix but not sure how long you have to wait being I frosted my hair twice already. Thanks!
Hi again JC and you're most welcome!

Thanks for the update after you did it again. OK, it sounds slightly better, so that's good. I would not recommend doing any more frosting for the time being. I think a toner might help
at this point, and maybe you can trim off the bright orange ends if they're right at the end and not too high up.

Best regards,