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Fruitflys. Having a serious problem getting rid of fruit flies

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Fruitflys. Having a serious problem getting rid of fruit flies that are multiplying at a rapid rate in my kitchen. Have washed, bleached and sprayed the entire kitchen numerous times but they keep swarming. Have a bag of recycles and think that maybe they are coming from the fruit drink bottles but that does not seem possible. They actually come flying out of the cabinets when I open the doors and there is no fresh anything in there. All cereals etc. are put into plastic containers. Using an awful lot of Raid and not having good results. HELP


Hello. I can assist you with your question.


I've recently had a similar problem in my own home.



Extraordinarily annoying.



Are you certain that they are fruit flies?



Let me know when you are available.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for the delay. Guess I just assumed. Thought the originally started from the fruit bowl - I did have some fruit that I had to throw out. But they are tiny and slow just like fruit flies so I just assumed.

Gayle, I didn't see you respond in chat, so I switched the format of the question. I recently had a problem with fruit flies, and found that there are only so many ways to end a problem with flying insects, and even fewer ways to do it without poisioning your family! Even if you didn't mind poisoning your family, I don't think it could be accomplished intuitively (at least for me) using insecticides.

What DID work for me, however, was giving those little *&#@#$ a place to go that they would love, but that they couldn't get out of... and it WORKED. What I did cost me about $60 in the long run because I bought the traps. It was definitely worth it, but I have since found that you can make an even better trap yourself. So, it's up to you.

This is the exact product that I used:
TanglefootNNN-NN-NNNNFruit Fly Trap - 2 Pack

I paid $10 for each pack of two and bought six two-packs. I used two at a time as instructed and they are GONE. I also learned a bit about how they multiply so quickly. One time I moistened the lure too much and it left water on the bottom. In a few days, there were hundreds of fruit flies in the little jar... and I could barely see larvae climbing up the sides. Totally gross! The lesson I learned is to make sure there is no water in there for them, and to throw the trap out after a week - I had left it longer than that.

If you want some info on home-made traps, let me know and I will send that to you.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much. I will try this trap. These darn things have migrated into my bedroom and there is absolutely no food whatsoever in there. But they fly around the computer screen when it gets dark. Whatever they are I hope this fruit trap gets them all.

I know!!! I work on my computer all day. There is NOTHING in here to eat and hardly ever has been. But where do they haunt me? Right here... I never figured out it was one as&$&%$ fruit fly or a hunrded of them taking turns. Then I would clap to try to kill them, my dog would jump up out of a sound sleep and look around wondering what the problem was, and then I'd see the damn thing flying by my face again!

I found that we humans can outsmart them - it's just not that straightforward. I was thinking of and trying all sorts of modern things like chemicals. The solution turned out to be something extremely simple. Of course, I would also keep anything else they might be tempted by in the refridgerator, at least until they are gone.

BTW... I'm not sure if they actually come out of all those places - I don't think they do - I think they happen to be nearby and they are so tiny, it tricks your eye. If they were flying out of a sealed beverage, I think I'd be asking even more questions!

These things worked for me. The last two I put out - I cought two in one trap and one in the other over a week... I think that was the extinction of their species in my home for now.



PS... When you do this, don't use any chemicals or anything in addition, otherwise they may not go in the traps.


Please remember to rate my level of service when you have a moment. Thank you!

Michael Hannigan and 18 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Hello Gayle.

I just wanted to follow up on the question you had regarding your fruit fly problem to make sure that the traps are working for you. I know they aren't all gone by now, but I'm wondering if it has started to do it's job yet.

If you still have questions, or if there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I bought the fruit traps and they are doing their job - slowly. HOWEVER, my son brought me home - just yesterday - a bug zapper that he bought at Harbor Freight. I think for less than 10.00. Looks like a small tennis racket and takes a battery. You hold down the yellow button and just pass through the air. First few zaps I jumped 2 feet - loud zap and sparks. So far - today - there are no more that I can catch or find. I would sneak quietly into the kitchen on the attack - turned into a fun game. If the lights are out it is like fireworks.
You are such a fun person to talk to. Every time I go on the attack against these little pests I think about your fun comments. Thanks for the interest.


You sound pretty dangerous. You're son might regret his purchase if he's going into the fridge one night to grab a snack and you're playing tennis with that thing and *WHACK* - right in the back of the head.

And the only thing worse than getting hit in the head with a tennis racket, it's getting hit in the head with a high voltage tennis racket (I would imagine). If you start leaving fruit out so you can look forward to using that contraption at night, that might be indicate that you're enjoying it too much. Make sure you have rechargeable batteries on hand and a pair of shoes with a good thick rubber sole - I'd also recommend the shoes for the family as well - for safety. Just in case.


If the fruit flies start wearing rubber shoes, it might signal defeat (and that your son was working with them to set you up) and would be a great time to start packing.