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This is not a homework problem - but a general question about

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This is not a homework problem - but a general question about getting started on drafting a proposal for a conference. I am looking for some ideas to overcome "writer's block." The conference is about the field of compensation analysis, and I'd like to submit a proposal based on some work I've done, but drawing a blank! Any ideas would be helpful.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I would like to leave you with some suggestions based on what I have used in the past.

As a physiology graduate student we were required to write a lot of research based material. There was so much objective information, so many small details that it became completely overwhelming trying to actually figure out how to start on each paper.

There were times that I was able to build off the momentum of a previous work but there were countless times where I just plain didn't even know where to start.

There were eventually 2 things I started to do: 1) walk around the apartment I had at the time verbally explaining myself(to myself) through the research, the studies, the data, whatever the case was. I would literally just walk and talk doing other things pretending I was in front of a crowd. I would back up if I began to aimlessly ramble.

The other thing I decided to do was to write down every single topic or section of the research or theory or concept I was working on.

I would make a small little sub-heading then include under it all of the points I needed to make sure I was talking about - this would include cited works, studies, all the different strategies and concepts. I would then take this list and talk about it.

What I would start doing is writing down all the potential directions you want to go with your proposal. Write everything down. You can eliminate it later based on the arbitrary value you assign to it and how relevant it is to your own proposal. You need to get it out so you can see it all in front of you - then you can create the connections between topics and design the flow from each one to the next.

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