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In World War II, could the fighter plane F4U Corsair be armed

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In World War II, could the fighter plane F4U Corsair be armed with a torpedo? Or did it only carry bombs in terms of it's payload?


The F4U Corsair was a great plane made by Vought. It was used by the Marines and Navy Flyers. It was considered the best fighter-bomber that was built for its time. (On a side note: My father-in-law was a Navy flyer and used to speak about the Corsair and what a great plane it was.)


The Japanese pilots felt it was the most formidable American fighter plane of World War 2. The Navy found the Kill ratio with this plane was 11:1 against Japanese zeros.


As far s payload it was armed as a bomber and also a machine gun ship. It did not carry torpedoes. The Corsair was built for speed and maneuverability.


Nowhere in any the history the F4U Corsair was there any information that the F4U Corsair was armed with Torpedoes. It always speaks about a Gun Ship/Bomber.


This link gives all the planes that were made as Torpedo Bombers:



I hope this helps.



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My first cousin, Lt. Charlie Dickey, flew from the USS Enterprise (CV-7) as Squadron Leader (VT-20) in the Battle of Leyte. On August 24, 1944, after all his squadron had launched their torpedoes against the target Musashi, a 50,000 ton Yamato Class Battleship and then current flagship of the Japanese Naval forces, my cousin defied orders to return to ship because the Musashi had not yet been sunk and he still had an active torpedo. With no squadron support, he returned to heavy air battle and with maneuvers or great daring, was able to lauch his torpedo against the Musashi. It scored the definitive hit that sunk this magestic monster of the Japanese forces that had been there-to-fore, responsible for so many American and Allied deaths.


For these acts of bravery and heroism, my cousin received the Navy's highest honor --the Navy Cross. Unfortunately, my cousin born 1920 has passed away so I cannot ask him directly what plane he flew that day. I believe he was checked out on F4U Corsairs, and indeed, Corsairs flew from the USS Enterprise. But checking with the President of the USS Enterprise Association, the planes they carried that had torpedoes as a payload, wer the TBF Avengers. They had SB2C Helldivers, but those were mostly bombers. The torpedo planes from the USS Enterprise were mostly Avengers. And I believe that is what my cousin flew.


Thank you for confirming that Corsairs did not carry torpedoes. Maintaining an accurate record for those in my clan that follow afterward and who benefit from the brave and daring acts of their ancestors from that time -- is extremely meaningful.


According to the information I found the USS Enterprise was (CV-6)

You can check here in this link about all the commissioned ships. My Father-in-law was on The USS Hornet: It was damaged after it was hit by a Zero, which he actually had a piece of the plane that crashed into them.


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