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I have had some really beautiful cabbages this year(purple

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I have had some really beautiful cabbages this year(purple ) in my garden they were picture perfect, grew huge but 2 weeks ago they all seem to split open and crack up. Did they get to much water? They are growing a new head inside.
Typically when we see an accident large split in cabbages, we harvest those, right then and there.

It sounds like these are HUGE. I remember a summer of tomatoes that were twice the size of a softball. This actually leads me to my question before coming to a conclusion.

Out of curiosity were these fertilized?

Looking at the rest of the season, how has the growing weather been? Have you seen a sudden increase in moisture now that fall is approaching?
Alright Dave,

So i wanted to provide you with an answer for when you got back to your post. *** Please remember to rate this answer when you are finished***

Generally, cabbage like these in situations of heavy rain or moisture, sometimes even with uneven moisture, can split like this. There are certain times where overfertilization can almost promote this be generally speaking I see it a lot when heavy rains(like autumn rains) follow a relatively dry summer. Almost a sponge-like reaction here.

Generally speaking though I would guess its been pretty moderate or a little dry(ish) in your case, but recently a lot of moisture. They split basically because of the new "upregulation" and uptake of water, following the relative dryness.

I would harvest some of the split ones and use them.

To prevent this in the future, you may have read that you can take them in both hands and twist them 1/4 of a turn, basically eliminating some of the root system responsible for taking up water. This is akin to turning off "the pipes" that feed the water.

***Please remember to rate this answer when you are finished reading so we can continue***
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for this info. We did use washed organic horse manure butwe did not have a lot of moisture this growing season but before planting and after manure spreading we had a lot of flooding where half the manure washed away. WE did water a lot cuz the growing season was really hot.

You are more than welcome, thanks for getting back to me.

What had changed in the past 7-10 days before they split like that? Just you watering extra?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Really nothing but some cooer weather

That is very odd, have you been checking the soil?

I have seen them overgrow but usually its a big increase in water uptake that causes them to burst open like that.

Sometimes they can split like that when they are ready to be harvested though. Even without any issues with moisture or anything like that.
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