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why were the nursery rhimes of the past so Ring around

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why were the nursery rhimes of the past so Ring around the rosie, Hansel and gretel, etc...rock a by baby. They are so dismal....

Well generally speaking, some of the nursery rhymes were made to make a little "fun" of negative situations. I know that sounds terrible but lets look at ring around the rosie:

Ring around the rosie was a song that as legend would have it was talking about the great plague. The pocket full of posie was a flower and the idea was it was supposed to ward off the smell of the sick and dying. The original was "a-tishoo, ah tishoo" in place of "ashes ashes - when bodies were burned to prevent the spread"(meaning a sneeze, how the plague was often spread or an indication of general sickness) and then "we all fall down" was obviously the part of people passing.

With rockabye baby the idea behind this is simply the most basic of ways of a crib or bassonett. Obviously in native time, there weren't companies that made these so basically its just a way to explain how the natives used hammock type apparatus' so the baby could be rocked to sleep by the wind, if the mother for example was doing other duties.

Basically it became a way to share a story or an experience that little kids could start to understand.

Obviously it would have been a way to consume time and allow the children to sing and play but the idea behind some nursery rhymes is to simply start the telling of a story, a tale, or an experience. I don't think the intention of the song was to actually be negative, but to make "lighter" of a negative or potentially negative situation.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Mike I would like to know wha the ace,king,queen jack in the deck of cards mean

Ok no problem Robie.

Eventually popularized in the 1940s song from Texas T Tyler, "The deck of cards". each card has a representation of a "person" or meaning. The Ace represents the one true god or the one true diety. The king represents god the father, the queen cards as you might imagine represents the Blessed virgin Mary / the queen of heaven. The Jack on the other hand is the antagonist, basically the representation of the Devil.

Robie, just remember to rate this answer when you are finished reading. Let me know if you have other questions as well. Its been a pleasure working with you.