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I tried what expert told me on my safe and still wont open.

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I tried what expert told me on my safe and still wont open. is there a way to reset and do new combo numbers
Hi again, Lisa and thanks for requesting me.

It's very possible that you might have knocked the combination out if you've been trying to get it open for over an hour. Sometimes, when the dial is turned too much and/or too quickly, it can damage it and then the numbers will be off kilter. You can try one number above and one number below each number of your combination and see if that helps, if it's a little off. In other words, if your combination is 29, 45, 3, try 30, 46, 4 or 28, 44, 2.

Are you absolutely sure of your combination? If you have your user's manual, you will find your original combination printed on the first, second or last page. If you no longer have your manual, I can provide you with a downloadable copy which will have instructions, but of course it will not contain your original combination:

A 3 number dial combination cannot be reset by the customer. Sometimes, an experienced safe technician may be able to manipulate the safe to open. However, if you need to retrieve your original combination from Sentry, if you're not absolutely sure of it, you can do that easily by filling out the form below, following instructions and submitting it to the company in the mode of your choice:

In addition, with fire resistant safes, they contain a pressurized gasket inside the door that can expand with heat and/or humidity and if the safe hasn't been opened in a while.
You can exert pressure on the upper left side of the door and on the top of the safe in addition to the entire door, like you're pushing it in, using your whole body or your knee,like you're trying to close it, to help release that gasket. If this doesn't work, take a rubber mallet or a hammer with a towel wrapped around it multiple times, to not damage the safe, and hit it above and below the dial, on top of the safe, on the upper left of the door, and all around the door; hopefully, this will release the gasket.

If this still doesn't work, try to stick a thin, strong item like a flat head screwdriver, a putty knife, of a butter knife in between the seam where the door meets the safe and try to gently pry it open, to break that seal caused by the pressurized gasket. Do this carefully so you don't ruin the safe.


If you need to contact Sentry Customer Care do discuss your problem:

For your convenience, I've listed their Customer Service phone and fax numbers:

Customer Service: 1-800-828-1438 (hours are 8AM-6PM Monday through Friday, Eastern time, but are subject to change). Fax: 585-381-2940


If this is an emergency situation and you need your safe opened right away, your only other alternative is to call a certified locksmith/safe technician. After providing proof of safe ownership/identity, the technician should be able to get your combination on the spot from Sentry, and/or open your safe without the combination and without damaging it. This would, of course, be a more costly way to proceed, but only if you need the safe opened immediately. You can try any certified local locksmiths/safe technicians in your area or this company, below, which has offices nationwide; they may have a branch in your town:


I hope you're able to get it open! Please keep me posted.


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Best regards,

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