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We have five types of cereal at work: Cheerios, Honey cheerios,

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We have five types of cereal at work: Cheerios, Honey nut cheerios, Special K Red Berry, Life (Plain), Honey bunch of oats, and Cinamon Toast Crunch. I want to know which if these would be best for an active male to be eatting every morning. A ranking would be helpful.
Hi there, Please remember to rate this answer after reading.
My name is***** am a resident physiology, exercise and nutrition specialist here on Pearl. Thank you for your question.
I would rate Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios as #1 and #2, I would put Honey Bunches at #3 and, Life at #4(or tied with 3) and Special K Berry,#5 followed by Cinnamon Toast Crunch in last.
Keep in mind all these cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, and while a well rounded diet should be a part of your day, the cereals more or less will not provide anything vitamin-wise over each other. Calories are going to be roughly the same, the higher ranked cereals will be more NUTRIENT DENSE(more nutrition per calorie)
The reasons for the #1,2,3 rankings are due to the fact the cereals have higher fiber, less additives(esp regular cheerios) and a higher ratio of complex carbs to simple carbohydrate which while they all break down into the same thing, the complex carbohydrates will give you a more full feeling for longer, as well as stabilize blood sugar. Plus you "save" calories by eating a healthier cereal because it does affect you like a sugary cereal will.
The reason for the rankings on the #6,5 and 4 are due to the fact of all the added sugars they have. They all are fortified so really considering the body has a slightly higher insulin sensitivity in the morning, the cereals with the more complex carbohydrates will allow blood sugar to be more stable. The added fruit in the one cereal will have added sugar to make them sweet.
I personally like plain cheerios or honey nut cheerios in the morning, they are fibrous and they have the added benefit of being linked to lowered cholesterol when combined with a general healthy lifestyle, which you have indicated you have.
I would go for the Cheerios, with the occasional honey bunches if you want some more crunch.
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