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does the presence of fruit that has grown fuzzy mold (e.g a

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does the presence of fruit that has grown fuzzy mold (e.g a plastic package of cherries with 10% going bad) encourage the growth of mold on other vegetables in the same refrigerator? I have noticed more veggies going bad quicker this year than ever before.
Just out of curiosity old is the refrigerator that you are having issues with?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

12 years old

Generally speaking the presence of excess moisture will encourage mold growth. It likes dark, damp places and in the place of a refrigerator where there is both this is ideal.

The other thing is mold spores will travel with any disruption of the cluster so in the case of the fridge, if there are spores in the ventilation ducts, and they are being blow all over, it technically would encourage the re-growth. Any moisture in a bag would worsen this as well.

I would suggest putting veggies in the crisper along with the fruit.

The important thing is fresh fruit isn't usually good in the fridge for more than a week, or 1.5 weeks at the most. So really if the fruit is going bad after 1-2 days then you may have an issues, if its something that is after a week or, that would be expected as the fruit is reaching its max "fresh" life. BUT to offset this you could freeze it quickly and then place in the fridge as you needed it defrosted.

But to answer your question, mold does spread relatively quickly and propagates much faster in the presence of moisture and darkness.
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