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should I throw away all my boxed foods, cereal opened or not,

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should I throw away all my boxed foods, cereal opened or not, Mac n cheese instant potatoes etc?

Hello again, Melissa and thanks for requesting me to answer your question.

Also, your Excellent rating on my last answer was greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I would not continue to keep boxed foods in the pantry or kitchen cabinets, but in the fridge. I would place small enough boxes, like Mac n cheese and instant potatoes into sealed, heavy duty ziploc bags in the pantry/cabinets. I wouldn't throw away any unopened boxes, but always check when you open them, for any insect activity, before using. Opened boxes, I'd also check, before eating the contents.


Sugar and flour can also be placed into heavy duty plastic containers with tight fitting lids (or heavy duty (freezer) ziploc bags and you might want to store these in the fridge, if possible.

I would not recommend leaving opened boxes of cereal or other food products in the pantry (only cans). Either store in the fridge or transfer to strong plastic containers with tight fitting covers. Same goes for the dog food, if you feed dry food--keep the big bag of food in a large, sealed garbage bag, up off the floor, and pour food into a heavy duty plastic container with a tight fitting lid, for daily use. If you can get the types of food/water bowls for your dog, that are in a raised holder off the floor, this would be a good idea, as well.

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