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im not looking for an advice, this time just an opinion , i

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im not looking for an advice, this time just an opinion , i bought a loaf of cuban bread at the grocery store and it was in a double bag, i didnt notice until i get home, normally this happen when the first bag is broken they just put another bag on top of the first one, i didnt care and i ate it, but then when i look closely there was a whole in the bread like made with a finger... and now im a little concerned, but i already ate it, would you eat it if it was you? what would you do?


Since you are just seeking an opinion, I would not be concerned, myself, since it was a store purchased (and baked) good. Most likely the finger imprint happened during the normal handling of the baked good item. I have had, at times, where there was a finger indention in my fresh baked breads as well.

Unless I happened to start feeling unwell at a later point in time, I would not be concerned by what you have described.

Again, just me opinion on this issue.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.


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