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Why is it that I put a "mosquito" cartridge into the heating

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Why is it that I put a "mosquito" cartridge into the heating element and it can either be a "RAID" or "BYGONE" model and mosquito's still bite me. Are they supposed to kill the mosquito's? It says "12 hours of mosquito elimination". Kill or put them to sleep? They do neither, and same thing with their sprays, I shoot 'em and they don't die. Is it supposed to work by positive thinking? My office I'm in now is only 8x12, it doesn't seem that what the package says means a damn thing.
Any mosquito experts out there? "OFF" works, but most other repelents don't seem to work.
Anyone want to talk about mosquito's please answer, I spend a lot of money for mostly nothing, and I'm very susceptible to their bites, they alter my life immensely.

Hi David, and welcome back to Just Answer.

I'm so sorry you're experiencing this terrible problem with mosquitoes. You certainly are in a prime location for them to be a nuisance!

Because they seem to be under your desk, there may be a nest there, so it would be a good idea for you to ask the cleaning people to check and clean very thoroughly under there (and in the entire office), plus, make sure there is no standing water (for example in a potted plant) in the vicinity; this attracts mosquitoes and they can breed in water.

I've read reviews of the plug in mosquito repellents you're using and they were not very positive, so it's not 'you'.

The 'Off fan' which you wear on your person, is effective, and also, if it is not against office/company policy, can you hang a bug zapper above your desk, stand one on your desk or nearby, and/or burn a citronella candle in the vicinity?

The mosquitoes will not bite you if you rub Avon's Skin So Soft cream or oil on your skin. If you can't get this in Nicaragua, try to have a friend/relative send you a few bottles from the States.

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Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm wondering, and kind of always wondered if the big manufactures of these so called "sleep 12 hours" type remedies actually work? As I said, I have a small office, maybe 8x12, and if two of those things, which are supposed to cover 200 SF can't do it, what is the reason for not only saying that, but having money spent on it? Again, I have the spray stuff that I can hit them in flight, they just zoom around as though it didn't exist. I have no standing water, but they do like the dark areas and they hover at the same spots night after night. We fumigate and "SPRAY" for anything and everything, but these guys are on their own schedule. We live on the ocean, and there's plenty of water around, but they tend to hover around the same places on the patio, behind the reception desk, under my wifes chair in the living room, and of course under the cabinets in the kitchen and under the bed.

If you are an expert on mosquito's I still have questions about their habits and tendencies. See: our little ocean front beach hotel in paradise minus a few bugs. I used to live in Hawaii, and this is better AND fewer mosquitos, so I know the climate and certain traits they have, but like to know more. Like: Do the 2nd story guests in the Rancho have a much better likely hood of not getten bitten? How does a mosquito get into the house if it is all closed up. If there is no breeding ground in the house, how to they always end up there. With mosquito's and the "no see 'ems" they don't come out some days or nights and others they come out with a vengence. Does the tide have anything to do with it? In my office they usually start bitting at around 4:30 pm, and again around 10:30 pm, but lately they've bitten me in the late morning when they never do, and early afternoon, when they normally never do. What's up? Do they find a crack or just happen into it? How can they breed in the house or office when there is nothing to breed in? I have a couple of seems or cracks under and around the door, do they "KNOW" that and always come back to get in, like under my desk is mecca? Why do they just stop bitting if they didn't get a piece of me in a certain amount of time, it's like they have the 4:30 feeding and then the 10:30 feeding, and then if I'm still up in the office, around 2:30 am they come out again. And if I have all the mosquito killer, why are they still alive in the 1st place? But certain nights they are everywhere and then POOF, nada, why? We can go days without a bite, then days and nights that we have customers that have to leave because even the "coils" don't do it, they are feroscious and 90 times more than normal. Then next night maybe little of nearly nothing. Predictability, and same with the 'sand fleas" or no see 'ems, I walk nearly every night on the beach at sunset, take a book, camera and dogs. Some nights I can't go far as I get eatten alive, but most nights I get absolutely zero. I sometimes go for an hour walk and when I am 20 feet from the restaurant/bar coming off the beach I have to practically run through the area until I am past the bar and then it's fine. Bar under the counter and over the garbage bin will have hundreds of them, and it's not their nesting ground, the trash is always clean and there is no water, just dark, and always in the same corner, right by the stereo set up. Walk 5' away and nothing. Right outside the reception desk where we watch sports programs there is a 15' radius that always has the mosquito's at same time every night, and out in the open, but just that area, cement and tile.

I know a lot of their habitats, I've been one of the unlucky people my whole life that if one mosquito is around he'll get me and no one else is bothered. But they have to have patterns that I don't know about and they generally aren't spelled out anywhere. Standing water, heavy foilage, etc. but they have tendencies that I would like to know more about. People know more about the kangaroo Rat's brothers, uncles deficating schedule than how mosquitos function. Buy this, buy that, DEET, OFF, Avon, Johnson's baby lotion, citroela, etc. Why do some work and some don't? why do they work sometimes and sometimes don't. If in a closed room, like I am now, and I have a device that is supposed to kill them, why are they still alive?

I know I'm going crazy writing this, but if you are an expert, clue me in on how they function, how they do what they do. We basically live in a paradise climate here, the range of temperature doesn't change 4 degrees all year, and it doesn't matter if it is dry season or rainy season, they come and go in a pattern that should be known. The "conditions" are perfect for them tonight, what are those. Or tonight should be a no mosquito night because... They should be predictable, more than what a comet does 3 light years away or when the second "high tide" is over.

Hi again, David and thanks for your reply.

I completely understand how frustrating your situation is, and why there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their (mosquito) appearances and disappearances. I am not an entomologist, but am an experienced researcher and also deal with mosquitoes where I live also (So. Fla.) and are also bothered by the no-seeums, which are also called 'midges'. We used to see them (the no seeums) swarming all the time, in the grass and in the air in the hot, humid summer (which lasts 6 months for us) AND in cooler, dry winter. We thought at one time, we had them figured out--they only appear during summer--but we were wrong.

Unless mosquitoes have built nests inside your home/office, the only way they can get in is when the door to the outside is opened and closed and/or through the seams and cracks you mentioned around windows.

Where I live, mosquitoes are most active during the hours of dusk and dawn, but since you're in another location, this may vary, as you described.

The Avon Skin So Soft really does work to keep them from biting you. I've used it personally and that's why I recommend it.

Have you spoken to any of the native Nicaraguans who have lived there all their lives and asked where the mosquitoes come from and what's the best way to eradicate them from your home? Outside, you're left very few options......that's 'their' territory. In and around your home, of course, you should be able to control them. Have you had a professional exterminator come in and offer you a solution? If not, that might be a good next step. Please read this for more information. I also found this interesting: click


You can also find more info, here:

You're one of the lucky ones that mosquitoes love to bite; it's all in the genes. Also, there are many different species of mosquitoes (over 3000 around the world) and that's why certain types of repellents or insecticides won't work on all types. Using a fan in each room which is troubled by mosquitoes is a good idea because they are weak flyers. You can use overhead fans, if you have them, or desk or standing fans.

I hope the information I've provided has been helpful. If you need more information, just click "Reply to Expert" and I will be happy to continue assisting you.

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Best regards,

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