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A. Schuyler
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Diet and Diabetes

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Does a plant-based, whole foods diet (as proposed in Forks Over Knives) cure Type 2 Diabetes?


Welcome and thanks for your question. Nothing "cures" diabetes which is decreased production of insulin by the pancreas and/or inability of the body cells to use the insulin that is produced.


A healthy diet high in fiber and low in fats and simple carbohydrates (such as the book proposes) will help regulate blood sugar, but it can't really be considered a "cure." It is more of a treatment. Such a diet will promote weight loss and prevent high blood glucose levels. Overweight and overindulgence in any type of food are part if the increase we see in Type 2 diabetes. Certainly a return to a healthy diet may help prevent many people who have higher blood glucose (but not high enough to get a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes) to prevent ever getting to that point.


Of course, someone with Type 1 diabetes which is lack of production of insulin will still benefit from a healthy diet, but they will still need exogenous insulin because their own bodies aren't making it.


This is a complex subject, so please let me know if you have questions.



All the best,




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