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Who is the best for me to go to get a simple point of sales

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Who is the best for me to go to get a simple point of sales system for a food concessions wagon
As a small business owner myself, I can tell you immediately that Quicken or quickbooks, even the older versions are absolutely brilliant. If you wanted it IN the stand all you have to do is set it up on a little laptop or netbook. Its great.

They take all the guess work out of tracking all your expenses, account pushes, profits, allows you to track everything EASILY over the short term and long term. It's really excellent stuff.

I know a lot of other small business owner's who use this themselves, it allows them to line up perfectly with their CPA's and helps them immediately to expect for the next month, the tax season, the big expenses - whatever the case.

So for example if you end up taking your concession stand to a HUGE fair out of state because you know there will be more foot traffic, you can use quickbooks to graph out that period of time using your expenses against your profits as well as anything else to actually see objectively if it was worth it.

Quicken/Quickbooks. is the best, XXXXX XXXXX and most well rounded software you can buy for a small operation(or a larger one).


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What about hardware? I'd like simple, small touchscreen like iPad sending orders to a kitchen display screen wirelessly. I need a program with capability to show menu items & prices, and totals at end of order. It must be easily customizable so I can change items & prices as needed. I do not need cash drawer, scanner, or printer.
Hey Adam,

Well as of right now there isn't direct install compatibility on Ipads, but Quickbook connect is like 10 bucks a month and allows you to enter transactions.

The other option(which would be dependent on the 'extras' you inventory should be easy through quickbooks. Each item is easy enough to inventory, still fast so you can add and subtract from an order. For example it would even be fast to switch out a supplier for your tomatoes if you found person A sold them for 12 cents cheaper but you had to alternate just based on supplier.

Your other option is something like a tablet that runs windows, or I would recommend a laptop with WIN7 to be honest - its just so darn fast and so stable. And this way you aren't goofing around with more costly terminals and can take the unit with you.

The one issue you may run into is actually "liking" the software's interface. There are tons and tons of point of sale software, including quickbooks POS but I must recommend actually trying the quickbooks to make sure it works for you. Just keep in mind all new things take a couple weeks to get used to sometimes.