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How does a person find if someone has taken a Life Insurance

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How does a person find if someone has taken a Life Insurance Policy on them?
Hello, Kathryn and welcome back to Just Answer.

If you feel that someone has taken out an insurance policy on you without your knowledge/permission, you can contact the following company: the Medical Information Bureau, by going to They have an investigation department and can research this for you.

When someone takes out an insurance policy on another person (unless that person is a minor child and the parents take out the policy), the person being insured needs to sign the application, or else it is not valid.

Try investigating this at the site above to find out if someone has taken out a policy on you without your permission.

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Best regards,
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I will accept and thank you for your information and have contacted the source you gave me via the internet.


People are always in the news however having taken out a life insurance policy without a persons knowledge. How would you know for sure this has not happened?

Hello again, Kathryn and you're most welcome!

Your accept and reply are greatly appreciated.

The stories you refer to usually involve some sort of crime and the person didn't suspect anything so it wasn't investigated beforehand. You are investigating, so you should be able to find out if anything of this sort was done without your knowledge.

Best wishes,