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does anyone make wash and wear or perm press clothes anywh

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does anyone make wash and wear or perm press clothes anywhere?


The Dockers company makes wash and wear permenent press pants and shirts. They can be found in most of the larger department stores like Macys, Sears, and Kohls.


Rustler company makes Kahakis that are also Permenent Press. These are sold at stores like Walmart and Target.


There are also the Farrah company and Haggar who make a perment press pants, which are the higher end cloths and can be found in the higher end stores.


There are also companies that make clothes specifically as store brands that also make Wash and wear and Permenent Press clothes.


Having a teenager at that is getting ready to start college I specifically look for wash and wear as well as premenent press clothes. The key is to look at lables as many do say Permenent Press on the tags.


This is some history of the process of making clothes permenent press:


This link shows some of the companies advertising Permenent press garments:


Please let me know if you need further help.



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