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JB Umphrey
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If there are breakfast sausages in the freezer and the expiration

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If there are breakfast sausages in the freezer and the expiration date was june 27 and its now aug 1, can i eat them?
Welcome and thank you for your question!

Please clarify:

1. Have they been completely wrapped?

2. Are they freezer burnt?

3. Have they always been frozen?

4. Have you now thawed them and, if so, do they smell foul?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
They were wrapped and boxed and they were bought refridgerated at the store then put in freezer at hone. They smell ok and no freezer burn.
Then they are totally fine and safe to consume. Enjoy!

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~~ J.B.
Good afternoon, its Mike again. I helped you with the canned beans vs dry beans a while ago.

Typically expiration dates are a little conservative. Meaning, the people who package and manufacture the products want a little extra "room" in the event someone decides to eat them a day or so expired. Now I'm not saying do that but in the case of my own personal shopping

Either way, when fresh meat is kept cool until the exp date, and if otherwise frozen before the expiration date it is safe to eat. Though meat doesn't always taste best if frozen for extended periods of time. If the meat was kept perfectly cool like in the refrigerator before it was frozen then its fine. If for example the power went out and the fridge warmed up a little bit you couldn't really "trust" the date.

Either way as long as it was kept at cool temp before freezing, and frozen before the date the sausage is fine.

I often buy large amounts of fresh chicken and beef in bulk, freeze them for a long time and eat at later dates. While the "Expiration date" could have been months past, the meat is still fine because the freezing process halts degradation.

Also, with certain types of sausages(the ones always kept frozen) many of them are actually fully cooked(read the box to be sure) and only require heating - again though with fresh meat sausage its better to observe the date.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding. It was my pleasure to assist you again with more food chat!

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Thank you!

~~ JB
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, thanks! It went ok although i didnt eat much of them out of being nervous :) they were fully cooked but this is great help, thanks :)
You are very welcome. I look forward to your positive rating.

Best wishes!

~~ J.B.
JB Umphrey, Consultant
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 20233
Experience: Skilled at assisting with general information needs.
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