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Upright piano with two free standing legs at front. Want way

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Upright piano with two free standing legs at front. Want way to move it sometimes in house for several feet distance.
Cannot afford full piano dolly for $550.
School said we could use the two dollies that go under the main back part of piano. ($200).
The front legs would not be on the ground, but they said that was ok. Or could I
cut blocks to put under front legs once it is moved. Is that satisfactory?
Hello, and welcome back to Just Anwer.

For your upright, you might try large (about 8") furniture 'sliders' which you can find in many stores and/or order from QVC or 'As Seen on TV' websites. You can place one slider under each front leg and under the corners of the back of the piano. It should move easily on carpet as well as a hardwood floor.

If you use the school's suggestion and use the two dollies that go under the main back part of the piano, I would not recommend leaving the front legs off the ground, but cut blocks, as you planned, to put under the front legs once it is moved. Not putting something under the front legs will keep the piano tipped back and will adversely affect the sound when played. If it will not be played after being moved, the front legs should still be supported as to not damage the soundboard being constantly in a tilted position.

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