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is eating yogurt that is passed its experation date o.k. to

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is eating yogurt that is passed its experation date o.k. to eat? I have never had any problems as long as it was refrigerated. I also freeze yogurt and eat it when it is passed expiration date. my son feels it is not safe to eat.
Welcome and thank you for your question!

Please clarify:

1. Has the yogurt already been opened?

2. Does the yogurt smell spoiled?

3. Is there any mold o the yogurt?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
no, yogurt smells fine, no mold. I have had yogurt for weeks past prime and not had an issue, and have froze outdated yogurt
Thank you. The yogurt is perfectly fine to consume, so long as it's been properly stored.

The date that is listed on the product is not an expiration date. It is a suggested guideline. Most dates are NOT expiration dates; you are not going to get sick because you eat something past its "best by" date.

You can certainly eat most foods beyond any "convenience date". Common sense, of course, rules. For an example, a steak a few days past a sell by date is probably not going to hurt you. A box of crackers 2 months past a best by or use by date are typically just fine.

Smell the food, does it smell OK? If it smells spoiled or rancid, toss it out.

Why is storage so important? Consider if you left the unopened yogurt in your hot vehicle for three days. The yogurt has a listed date of July 31. Even though July 31 hasn't arrived yet, would you consume it? I sure wouldn't. See, dates are NOT the critical thing. Proper storage is. The listed date is a recommendation but it's not a mandatory requirement. Proper storage matters. If it smells fine and looks fine, you're good to go!

For future reference, you will find this resource to be extremely helpful:

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