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pdheslin, Consultant
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do you see a relationship building in the future with 19/8

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do you see a relationship building in the future with 19/8/69
Thank you for allowing me to assist with your question.

I’m going to do a Yes/No reading for you where I concentrate on your question while I shuffle; I draw 7 cards. If 4 or more are in the upright position, the answer is "Yes"; if 4 or more are reversed, the answer is “No.”

I drew all 7 cards in the upright position. This returns a strong YES, with your Leo.

I hope this reading has helped answer your question and provided additional insight. If you still have questions about this reading after accepting I will be most happy to answer them!


Pam Heslin

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Pam I was also wondering what my ex is thinking we bumped into each other last night by accident and he ended up staying the night. I would just like to know what he thinks about me
Thank you -
Your ex is seeing you with new eyes. He sees you differently now, than he did when you were together. He is also in a different place, psychologically and emotionally, He has done some "growing up" since you broke up.

He's not in a place where he can sincerely XXXXX XXXXX get back together again on a permanent basis. There is something else holding him back, I can't quite latch on to what it is, but it's a barrier that keeps him from committing.

But he definitely has been thinking a lot about you lately, I see that energy very strongly.
pdheslin and 29 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
"For Pam" Thankyou for your reply. I know what is holding him back he has put his heart and soul into trying to open up a bar and the whole thing fell through which he is gutted about. Do you see him getting his business started up soon and then maybe he will get him self sorted out and realise what he has done between us?
Thank you for clarifying this for me, it now makes sense what I was seeing. I thought at first it was alcoholism but all my regular signs were not there.

I do see him getting the business started up, but I am hearing "December" for an opening date. He will have to work hard on getting the financing.

You know the males of the species, their first priority is career or business and relationships come in 2nd or 3rd. We women make relationships first priority, but this is how our species have survived through the eons.

I do see that after January of 2013, he'll be more relaxed and able to think about settling into a relationship -- BUT -- I would NEVER tell a client to wait it out, for any man or woman. Go, live life, be free, date, have fun, maybe even fall in love with someone else! :)
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
"For Pam"I totally agree i have just really struggled with our break up which was 7 months ago I really do love him but I know he is complicated! I am only now just getting back on track but there is such a conection between us I find it hard to let go. I think I just need to know and I do have other guys interested I just need to know which way to go and what is best for my long term happiness! I also feel the need to know that he still loves me even though he won't commit as in my bones I feel he does!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
"For Pam" If I am just checking you got my last reply?
The connection you feel, is from your end only. He doesn't feel it in the same way -- I know that's not what you want to hear, or believe, but I am a sanity psychic, and I won't encourage lollipops when none are be to had.

I believe that a psychic reading is best for reality and course correction. You definatly will have a real two way connection with others of your choosing. This is a lesson we all must learn, and until we do, we are faced with these challenges over and over again.

You will be fine! This "need to know he loves me" is the problem. No, you don't, in reality. You love yourself way more than any man ever will. That's the lesson we incarnate to learn.
pdheslin and 29 other General Specialists are ready to help you